Happy Color – Color by Number for PC

Happy Color – Color by Number for PC

Coloring book: paint & color by number 💯 free! Enjoy amazing drawings! ❤️💛💜

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The color by number app makes it very relaxing and enjoyable. You have a lot of photos to choose from. The option to finish the image at any time is also available.

This app is great. I only wish the ads didn't interrupt my enjoyment. This app is not necessary. This is what I do to relax, have fun, and feel calm. Advertisements interrupt the peace that I find.

This app is amazing! This app is very relaxing, and it doesn't cost any money . It doesn't require any strategy or a timer to be beat. There is no thought required. This is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day. !

This app has been my favorite way to color and play for quite some time. I needed the updated! Thank you so much. Great photos and colours.

This program is amazing because it has disney images. However, this is the fourth time I have to uninstall it and reinstall. It freezes up when it is playing ads. This is becoming extremely annoying. As others said, it is very annoying when I switch to another tab of my phone such as my text messages. Then I must go through another advertisement. Sometimes it will not let me zoom in on a photo so I must exit the app and uninstall it.

Fun and well-deserved 5 stars. One star was taken out because of the request for ratings. Although I can understand your motivation, all apps and games show it less often and offer the ability to hide the pop-up. The development team: I have decided to remove the star from every time you ask me for a rating.

This app is a wonderful way to unwind, relax, and allow your brain to go numb. The app freezes up when I'm done coloring. If I choose a different picture to color, I cannot enlarge it or alter the color. To get the app to function properly, I must close it and then open it again.

Today, 10/18/22 22 1 star. Adds keep popping up in my head every hour & it's impossible to finish any picture. Makes my anxiety very high. This is very unsatisfying. It was fine. It was at least something I could bear to see. It will be fixed if it isn't better in a week. PLEASE FIX IT! **11/19/20 had 5 stars. Also: addictive! It was also very helpful for anxiety. We are grateful!

This app is great, but I can't give it 5 stars. Every time you switch phones, you lose your progress.

This game can be very relaxing and very fun, especially when you're lonely. I recommend it to everyone.

Enjoy the game. Although the ability to hide images you have already colored works well, it does not apply to daily photos tab. It would be wonderful if daily photos could also be hidden.

Wonderful app, with beautiful paintings. It can entertain you for hours.

This app was great until recently. The ads were very irritating and I had to close the browser to view them.

It is relaxing, and I love the many choices. Although the review was published in June, there is no dark mode. The second picture you have opened is now super slow, so you will need to reopen it.

This app would be deleted if I did not like Disney or marvel. Too any ads. For a second flip app, please come back. Take a look at the picture and decide if you like it. If you don't like the ad, go back and look at another. You will be shown ads 5 seconds after you flip through photos. It's insane. To see how they look, I would like to be able to zoom in on them. I can't believe you are trying to send me ads for my money. Realistic. You could have also bought me packs. I don't think so.