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Ham Test Prep for PC

US Amateur Radio Exam preparation app.

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I love the scoring and instant feedback. Excellent randomization. I like the summary at end. It gives subelements from which the wrong came. Perhaps historical tracking would be helpful to determine which subelements are causing you problems. Update: Passed my Tech!

Edit: BOTH THE TECH AND THE GENERAL QUESTION PASSED IN THE SAME .... I WAS WRONG WITH THE TECH... 100% WITH THE GENERAL. My phone will be eaten if I fail my exam. Thanks! !

Excellent app. It was very helpful. I passed the exam and am now studying for the additional exam. The app will only save your score the first time you attempt an element. After that, if you choose to take another element again, it won’t change your score. Sometimes, the app can also have a delay when you exit the app. If you return to the app after selecting a question and select another one again, the app will sometimes give the incorrect answer. This is because it switches between the positions of the answers. It is an excellent way to practice for your exam. 73.

About a week ago I started studying for my tech exam. I was already using the app. The only issue I faced was how to upgrade to July 2018. The updated Google Store app was found. It only updates the current apt, but it is separate.

The update didn't work so I removed it, uninstalled and reinstalled. However, Tech still doesn't seem to have any updates. I tried again to update, but the upgrade failed. Review from OLD... The app is easy to use and updated regularly with the most recent question pools. You can take all levels of tests in the same app. It keeps track of all questions correctly answered and allows you to test for questions that have been missed or are not correct. A V.E. This app has been recommended to numerous HAMS who are upgrading or starting from scratch.

It does exactly what the label says. You can't ask to get more. The Tech Question Pool expired on 07/31/2018. Are you planning to update soon?

After studying the Technicians License and making sure that I understood the entire exam, I took the test. My score was 100%. Also, I watched a YouTube video that lasted 6.5 hours before watching the second. The app is amazing and it was awesome! !

It is a very useful tool for studying. It was very useful in preparing for general exams. I plan to use it again for additional subjects. Thank you for this great app!

This app proved invaluable in getting me from Zero to Extra after only a week of studying. Problem was the question range in Practice Exams didn't seem very random. I had to flush my results to get them to randomly re-randomize.

My years of radio experience in law enforcement and medical settings have led me to apply for my Amateur Radio Tech Level license. This app has been a great help and I'm only 4 days from taking the exam. UPDATE: 4/16/18: This app is still my favorite and I use it daily to expand my knowledge. It is also helping me prepare for my General License.

This app helped me pass my Tech Class test one year ago. This app is a lifesaver! It's time to get up! !

Ham radio can be used by engineers as well as people of high social standing! The majority of the questions that I saw had nothing to do radio use. It's easy to set it up and follow the guidelines.

Helped me ace my Amateur Extra exam! Recommended. It would be nice to see subelement order shuffled during study mode. It is also important to pay more attention when formatting questions, such as stray backslashes between quote marks.

It helped me to pass both the technical license and general license. I will use it extensively for the additional class.

It is an amazing app. This app is amazing. After using it for a month, every question was answered with an accuracy of 98+%. It took only seven minutes to complete my test and it was easy for me. This app is highly recommended to help you prepare for your FCC exam. This app is not meant to be used as a tool for understanding the science and use of Ham Radio. The app is not meant to be used in place of reading and learning a relevant HAM radio guide.