Hacker's Keyboard for PC

Hacker's Keyboard for PC

A full 5-row keyboard including arrow and Esc/Ctrl keys, intended for tablets.

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AuthorKlaus Weidner

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About Hacker's Keyboard For PC

This app will cause mobile problems such as hang, lag and auto brightness. This app is hacking our phones, and must be removed from the play store.

Your Vivo T1 5g smartphone app is not functioning. After all, the setting keyboard does not appear on the screen. This problem must be solved.

The app was great and worked well until I updated to Android 12. It suddenly stopped working and did not appear in my notification. Please, fix the problem.

It is still the most intuitive keyboard. However, it stopped responding to very helpful suggestions (language library installed). The Android 13 security update, Pixel 6, caused this problem. It's kind of sad.

It works great. It has been used for many years with tablets. There have been no issues. The word suggestion function is great. I find keys to be a reasonable size. It's worth it.

The permission for display of other apps is not required at the moment. This breaks the ability to open the keyboard with no text. It is worth a look.

It just stopped working for me.. I don't know where it went.. The symbols for the 5 row Qwerty could be removed from each of the three rows. You would still have two buttons that you can group the buttons into. Although i like the layout and the Arrow keys, its too small. You could also make the delete key work by pressing shift+backspace. This keyboard is definitely the best I have seen. It just requires some work.

It's great, however, Telegram doesn't support arrow keys. I don't understand why switching input languages also changes the keyboard layout.

Only selected Hebrew and English GB The spelling dictionary can be found in English GB only. Instead of using the spelling dictionary in English, use Color to criticize .... This is very irritating.

It will not appear on Android 12 or earlier. This app needs to be upgraded. This keyboard has been my favorite for many years

This app is dead. Don't bother with the popup permanent option. Devs will not fix the popup for older phones.

It inserts a tab button next to the space bar when I enter text in a webpage. This narrows the already small space bar making it easy for me to mistype and causing all kinds of unfavorable behavior. It does this for some apps that are made using web technology. It makes it impossible to use.

It is a great app. However, I wish it had more features to allow you to exploit any type of game and modify the code. Also, it would have been awesome to install a coding editor in the app. This will enable us all the time and let us test our stuff without any bugs or lag.

Click on Permanent notification. It isn't functioning properly. That's what I'm giving you only one star.

The keyboard looks great as almost all the functions are in one place. As you can see, autocorrect still makes some terrible corrections. Some apps don't allow suggestions to be displayed. For faster typing, I recommend that you integrate emojis into one key and next word prediction.