H Band for PC

H Band for PC

With H Band you can track your steps, sleep and heart rate.

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It doesn't work in combination with the Blackview X1 phone and the Blackview 6800 watch. It is why I bought this watch and the preferred app by the manufacturer. It is absolutely useless

Continuous blood pressure monitoring was broken by the June 15th update. On 10/16, I discovered that everything was working as before but the software has not been updated. Since it has been broken for four months, I suspect that this is a secret.

It works well with GOGUM tracker. Tracker is always synchronized to your phone. Amazing technology, great price for $50 fitness tracker. It took a bit of time to get it working. It's so easy to toggle permissions on and off now. I'm not so worried about what happens to my data.

The app asks for too many permissions. This app wants full access to all information and data. This is unacceptable. This is unacceptable.

It's great! But, it would be wonderful if there was an option/setting that could show booth glucose in mg/DL. This is simply multiplying mmol/L by 18 to calculate the unit of measure we use at occident. Many thanks!

This app is a sham. I have difficulty logging in, and then when you ask me all the security questions, it's where I get lost. I also struggle to pair the app with my watch.

Excellent details. Don't rely solely on the watch's readings of blood sugar and BP. You should be able export steps and sleep data to pdf, not jpeg. Please enable a "do not disturb" mode to receive night-to-silent notifications.

The watch is well worth its low price, and offers great value. The app, however, is so poor it makes the watch almost useless. It would be better to have an analog watch. It is impossible to sync your watch pedometer and step count with your phone for an even more precise reading. Some days I have had 12k steps on my watch, and 5k on my phone. Excellent watch but disappointing companion app.

More configuration options will be helpful for different measurement types. Blood glucose is mg/dl. A bit more information about the features or their use will help. When using RCS, notifications are not compatible with Google Messages.

The app has been easy to use for managing my watch. Although I'd give the app 5 stars, it doesn't allow me to edit or create a new watchface photo each time. You can't delete duplicates if you go back to older versions.

It works great, thank you H Band. All functions work well and can be used to keep track of your health. Another feature is the alerts. This is another method of monitoring your health. H Band has a great watch-app combination. God bless and keep you safe.

Great app if ya got blackview X5 smart watch. My new direction bite alarms have been linked to my watch, so I can instantly know when I take a bite. You can't say anything bad about the watch if you actually own it. So why 4 stars? ? There is always room to improve in any aspect of life. Can someone please help? My weather app doesn't work and I would like to learn how to get it working. WEETHER OFFLINE !!!! !

In many settings, failed. Although it worked well, the functions were all available. However, the blood sugar readings are off-the-chart, inaccurate, and the weather option was not enabled. However, it is a very cheap watch. It's better to buy another Garmin, it seems.

There are many nice functions in the App. The Hart Rate Module diagram is not my favorite. Where's the Blood Glucose Diagramm, though? It is coming soon, I hope.

The watch's quality and ability to accurately measure my blood glucose is what I love. The app should be able to read blood glucose levels in mg/dl. If the software updates can include mg/dl blood glucose readings, I will give it 5 stars.