Gun Idle for PC

Gun Idle for PC

Shoot for Cash!!

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AuthorGreen Panda Games

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About Gun Idle For PC

A lot of people I like because they love guns, and the parts where you can go like rabbit fire.

It's a fun game. You can accomplish a lot with it. This is when your guns reach their maximum for a small fee. However, you still get lots of mony. You can choose how many upgrades you would like to make to your gun. You start off with a pistil, then move on to a beter gun. I think it's a lot of fun and relly enjoyable to have fun.

It's way too many ads, especially considering it is a simple game. You can also stop them and get twice the in-game income with a $9 weekly subscription. (That would be about $36 per month). It took me about 5 minutes to play it. I watched 6 advertisements

It's not five stars, but the ads problem is so irritating. Once you reach level 30, there is nothing like it.

This game is my favorite. I use it every day.

It reset the whole thing after I had reached my limit. It was so mad that I deleted it.

This game is great! It's easy to progress and you can get results quickly.

You can't purchase a 3rd gun without watching 2 advertisements. This is a warning sign for what lies ahead. It is unacceptable to make intrusive advertisements a part of the game. While it is acceptable to advertise for boosters, making them necessary in order to make the game more popular is unacceptable.

1000/10 It's great! I love the design. It's possible.