GT-Club for PC

GT-Club for PC

GT- Club is a high quality drag racing game that challenge you in different way.

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About GT-Club For PC

Your game has just the right brand csr. it has so many adds I say zero stars. Your "good" game is now uninstalled. You dumb, idiotic developer.

Great game! I love this game. It's so much fun.

You say they can take your money. We don't even care about the rights of Americans with disabilities. One member of my family purchased. I didn't grant permission. Creator of the game said you must accept the charges. After they have your money, they stop caring.

Drag racing is my passion. I think I have tried almost every game in the shop. The csr setup is almost identical to this one, and it's actually quite fun. Although it's not English-speaking, the game is still fun. It's a tedious grind, I'm sure. But here's the best part: they'll pay you at the end. Spend $30. Minimum 3 stars

This game is worth 3 stars. It's a fun game that you can play to pass the time and if your passion is cars or racing. All the money spent on cars, and all of the time you waste on upgrading them goes to waste. You can't sell cars that you don't use anymore or parts you bought and put into them. A 5 star rating would be given if you were able to sell cars that you don't use and make a profit on the parts you buy. You can buy hundreds or thousands of dollars for one car.

This is my favorite game. My goal is to finish it. This game is excellent and has very nice cars.

It's very interesting, but some cars don't look good. One example is Tombo. Please make some normal cars. I give this game 5 stars because it's so good.

This is my first attempt at this game. I think it might be a great game. However, I'm rating it before I play beacause I watched his trailer. It was something I loved from the bottom of my heart.

Plz send the names and cars that were updated with the last ....... update again. If not, I won't be able to play the game .......plz.

The game was fantastic until the river bodies kits were added to the game. This ruined the whole experience for me. The option of body kits should not be mandatory and must be at the player's discretion.

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