Grid Maker For Drawing for PC

Grid Maker For Drawing for PC

Grid Maker For Drawing creates accurate grids over your reference photo.

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HORRIBLE user experience. Every other time I have to delete changes, it crops my images everytime i add rows/columns. It automatically changes the number of rows or columns I need. When I get my grid exactly as I want it, the program keeps cropping my images. There is no way to fix that. After less than one minute, it lags severely.

Grid drawing is amazing! I'm just starting my first Grid drawing project. I was able to complete it..m Thanks. God bless

Best grid app ever! It's been in my hands for almost a week. Everything is easy and simple to use. You guys were amazing. I wish it could have been 100. It made drawing easier for me, thank you.

This app is great, but you need to make your ads pop up less. It's the most beautiful visual drawing that I have seen so far. Thank you to the developers!

This app is amazing!

This app is great and makes my drawing/sketching better.

Before I award you five stars, there are two issues you need to resolve: You can't zoom out. What can you do to make an image larger? 2. The image cannot be rotated to the desired degree. The Rotation button rotates the image clockwise 45 degrees. This is not rotation. These issues must be fixed and you will receive 5 stars

It's the most amazing app that I have ever used. It has everything you need for drawing. I am extremely happy using this app. I was never frustrated by it! It is worth downloading.

This app has a fantastic rating! You can draw perfect renderings of the things you see with its many tools! We recommend it 10/10

Because my drawing grid and paper are different, I cannot make it custom. The grid keeps changing in the way I need. It should be made custom

I was asked to download the app and received a message saying it would be. It has now been 2 days since the last update. It doesn't give me the option to reload. Could someone please help me?