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The pendant was found by me after I used googles to search the globe. It made me wish that it could be still been worn freely.

This app doesn't work or even works anymore. The app was slow and did not work as advertised. They couldn't sell or steal much information about the things you looked at. Google ought to be ashamed.

Are you tired of google's tendency to create something useful and interesting, then leave it without any improvement? Google .... Get some attention span.

Google wants to see as many negative reviews for this app as possible. Google keeps asking for more ratings. No, really, you're welcome. This was an amazing experience. Thank you for taking me to the top.

7 MB posle ustanovki, do 3 MB v OZU. Pliusy: khoroshaia ideia, korrektnaia rabota s HDMI, chastye obnovleniia. Minusy: prakticheski polnoe otsutstvie pravil'nykh opredelenii ob'ektov v Rossii, avtozapusk prilozheniia pri vkliuchenii telefona.

It would be great if lens could replace with lend. Also, it's a multi-app necessity which means that there are many apps who can do the same job as 1. Google should work with its aid. Integrity integrating multiple applications into one app, not replacing an existing app with another 2.

Google Lens is not compatible with my Nokia 8.1 running Android 9 While I love Goggles, I don't like the fact that I cannot use Lens.

I would give it negative stars. It was NOT even close to accurate on any of my bright HD quality photos

This app was very enjoyable to me. Instead of discontinuing support, you decided to break it. This was something I understood. If it's capable, I will give Lens a try on the new phone.

This is the worst downgrade in a century. To an app that can read and search for any object in the universe. To a glorified photo album maker. Google Dafuq... Someone who drinks on the job ?

Google, Bring Goggles Back. This app was amazing. Google decided to remove it. Nice job, Google.

Es incomprensible que hayan dejado de dar aporte a esta aplicacion y no sea instalable en Android Nougat. La sustituyen por Google Lens, pero no se puede instalar en multitud de dispositivos como el LG D-802. Suena a tomadura de pelo de muchos usuarios e impropio de una gran compania como Google. Les ruego reparen este error en el que nos vemos inmersos los usuarios sin ninguna posibilidad de instalar ni Google goggles ni Google lens.

This is one of the most innovative Google products... I hope someone else picks up this idea

Google will not allow you to upload your video or photos.

This is ridiculous. Google Lens can't recognize QR codes and Bar codes. I'm sure this app hasn’t been updated for years, but it was working just fine.