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Google Analytics for PC

The official Google Analytics mobile app: check key metrics & real-time data.

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It reminded me of web traffic when I first saw it. When I choose apps, I will use colors that have traffic meanings. Yellow means slow down. This platform has the same rules as mine. I am going to test this app.

All was fine up until recently. I used this app to monitor my active users daily, but it no longer shows valid data. It says I have 1-3 users daily, while on play console, I see I receive daily 20+ downloaded...

The app has stopped giving me current-day data in the past few months. Data always displays the week before. Although the realtime section works, that's all I see at this moment. Do you know how to resolve this issue?

It's great! However, I would like for a lot more of your add-ons and apps to run from the cloud.

Another reviewer pointed out that after being forced to change to ga-4, I was unable to find any live data. Data can be found only from the days before. This is no longer very helpful. Google needs to improve the pixel 5. Reverting to the original property.

The website version has a higher users count than the one on the site. It is possible that there are more sessions than users. It would be wonderful to find a solution. The same applies to the iPad app.

The recent update caused me to lose three stars. The app no longer refreshes figures and constantly asks for feedback. It also forgets about any feedback that was already given. It's a shame, it is otherwise a fantastic app

Every update makes things more difficult. Broken pull to refresh, which doesn't refresh tabs until you tap each one individually, tab switching that isn't working, tab switching that has no effect when tapping on another tab, and finally, the useless thumbs up/down feedback icons that appear everywhere and never disappear even after being tapped to give feedback. You idiots! Seriously? Google needs to fire a lot of people quickly.

Last update made counts useless, with the exception being the last 30 minutes of real-time users. While Users by Device Category remains at 0 it shows the active users below broken down according to device. Similar to Users by Page and Users by Source. Google will sort it.

This answer was helpful after a recent update to the real-time always displays. Hourly users are not being displayed correctly. This has been checked and a rating was given for the app prior to the update. I will also send you screenshots.

The app is having some issues. In terms of daily visitors, the desktop and app metrics for the site do not match. Sessions are also lower than the overall tally. This is a result of the most recent update.

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This version is not supported. The current version is broken. It shows that the number users exceeds the number sessions, which is untrue.

Is it really possible to have you ask me, "Was this answer helpful?" Every single time that I use this app! It's a helluva app. You can be sure I will not answer every question.

It has been annoying since the last update. You are Google guys.. it keeps showing "was that answer helpful?" This thing keeps showing up after every box. It keeps showing up again and again, even if we click "Yes or No". Does this make sense?