Girls' Frontline for PC

Girls' Frontline for PC

Girls' Frontline is a SLG with redesigned rules derived from various SLGs.

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AuthorSunborn Games

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About Girls' Frontline For PC

This game is very enjoyable. You don't need to forget to mine resource every day. It is F2P-friendly. It's fun and tactical, so I have no complaints. The only problem is the updating session. I'm usually stuck at either 80% or 99 percent and the update session just stops after that. The cache can be cleared and it works fine. However, the download of 3GB must be restarted. This isn't customer support, but please let me know if you see the problem.

It's a great game, with simple mechanics. I hope that they can fix the crash issues that keep happening since the last update.

It is not possible to download additional resources. A popup appears saying it cannot find them. However, it's a great game.

Although it is nice, you need a button to activate new items. It used to take me hours just to find the right way to use the new time that I just received.

I LOVE THIS GAME, SPECIALLY THE BEAUTIFUL TE-DOLLS. I am a simp, but I have 50% of the game. I downloaded it to enjoy it. My crush), so please keep it up and thanks!

It's a complete garbage game, and the developers are incompetent. They can still not fix it after two years of constant technical problems. Perhaps they refuse because they have never been properly educated. It doesn't matter what, I have moved on. This garbage must be thrown out.

Although I'd rate this 5 stars, the game crashes and freezes a lot. This is a huge problem for any respectable developer team. You wouldn't know it was fun, because you don't get to play the game.

I have been playing the game for 2 years, I am over 100, have completed every event, I like the story and the characters, I love the simplicity of the gameplay, especially in the late game. I saw some news on the CN side that the loadings were faster. Overall, I will give the game a 5 stars.

The game's client problems make it difficult (if not impossible!) to download. However, devs are aware of these issues but choose not to fix them for longer than three years.

It keeps giving me an error every second about the file download failure.

Plz help fix my game it is not possible to download anymore. All the time I receive a weird error message with my email address ranging from 2 to 4%. Please contact micateam if Filedownload Check fails.

Edit: Game no longer freezes when you reboot your phone. For some reason, the game will freeze suddenly when you click on "Combat", from the main menu. It worked perfectly the first few hours, then it started to freeze consistently on my Galaxy S21+. The issue did not disappear after force-stopping the game or clearing cache.

It is difficult to play, especially in the beginning. However, it was one of my favorite games and didn't have so much fanservice.

Incapable of even starting. My Samsung S10 has only half of its storage. The loading screen keeps crashing and I'm unable to get started. Multiple times, I tried to uninstall and reinstall the program. Also, I reached out to the company for suggestions (it could be that it was my fault, perhaps?). So, unfortunately, 1 star. It's frustrating because I really want to be able to play. It's frustrating. Seriously. Frustrating.

This game has been my favorite since its inception. Great story with good characters. Combat is easy and enjoyable, but it can also be difficult. I'm still not satisfied with the client and its content. Although it isn't the most well-known mobile "gacha", the client works very well and doesn't kill itself. Although it's been an enjoyable run, I believe I will be moving on. I look forward to playing in other GFL games.