Genshin Impact for PC

Genshin Impact for PC

Explore a vast world of adventure in this all-new open-world title from miHoYo

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AuthormiHoYo Limited

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About Genshin Impact For PC

It's a great game for just cruising around the world. The game is good with interesting characters and side quests that are interesting, yet not endless, fair gacha, lots of food, and a good story. It also has: a painful memory for grinding artifacts; Mic-less voice communication within co-op mode; anti violence act like: no-pvp (wait? It also has one npc who needs my assistance to combat hilichurls.

The game has become more and more racist with its blatant orientalism, and refusal to allow DARK-SKILLED characters to be DARK-SKILLED. Technically, it is not optimized for mobile phones. It takes up so much space that my phone won't have enough space to install. This game is a flop, despite how much i enjoy the world's lore.

This game has been my favorite for two years. I have never skipped a day of playing it. It's a wonderful game with beautiful graphics, characters and interesting stories. Each region in teyvat is unique and offers new experiences. Each update brings new content and characters.

The game is amazing, the gameplay is great and the animations are fantastic. It is an integral part of my daily life.

It was great because I had a lot good characters.

It's a very enjoyable game. It's important to have breaks. Don't worry if your daily duties are missed. Get out and touch the grass. If you don't get them, it won't matter if they aren’t there. After a break of one to two weeks, I felt refreshed and great when I came back. Touching grass with Sumeru is not the same as unlocking Sumeru.

Fix the bugs. My quest navigation always missing. There is no way to navigate the quest. Is happen so frequent until fed up. I can't even play.

Reviews are not something I do often. Let me be clear. Stop doing what you're doing, and just do this. This is something you have to see for yourself. No one can tell it. This might be my favorite adventure game in all of my life.

The game is great, but customer service is terrible. My account was hacked, and they have not responded to my emails. Don't spend any money on the game. This game does not provide support for their players. Hackers have taken my money.

Great game, even better when played with friends. The casino mod is a bit annoying but it's still great for anyone who loves to farm.

The game is good, but the mechanics make it more difficult than necessary to do anything, such as fighting mobs or farming. This is what makes the game so popular. The stockholm syndrome is such that NFT Bros are more rational. Any problem raised is either censored, or it goes from "cannot do anything about it" "stop spreading hatred". Their accounts can be hacked for three months, and they will still be fine because they received 10k mora in compensation.

Every wish event has its own rules. I have never seen a 5-star character from any of them. I also don't know why the weapon that you can get through events (example of beer and ballads) is always weak at base damage. (example of festering desire). I also never received any 5 stars weapons.

The graphics are amazing and look just like life. I can also play at max settings, but my phone may explode due to the heat. Overall, a great game.

Although the game is quite good, the company's handling of community feedback is very poor. It seems that the rewards keep getting worse and less worthwhile. I'm not sure if it is worth the effort to obtain resources. It doesn't seem like they are concerned about players. I can't imagine giving my time to a company such as this.

It seems that there are bugs in this game. When I make a turn in a particular direction, things vanish ...... Buildings, trees, etc., disappear.