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Geeni for PC

Easy, Smart, Home. Control smart bulbs, plugs, cameras and more from one app!

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AuthorMerkury Innovations

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About Geeni For PC

My Geeni is my best friend. There have been no issues. I love the app for my smartphone to adjust and schedule my appointments.

It's sometimes hard for me to get up in the morning so I love being able to use my smartphone to light my lamps. Geeni is open to me being lazy and won't criticize.

These cameras are my favorite. The indoor camera and outdoor one are my favorites. These cameras work great. However, the camera is making noises every few minutes as if it is losing its signal. Other than that it works well and it is easy to set up. The 1080p resolution is great for night vision and the image quality is superb. Soon, I plan to purchase additional cameras for my home security. These cameras are free and I do not have to subscribe for a monthly fee.

My geeni camera is great. I wish that the sound quality was better. I feel secure thanks to the Geeni Camera.

My Mercury is constantly disconnecting, and it forces me to repeat the entire setup process. Although the initial setup was difficult, it eventually worked. It was great for a while, though it is now frustrating me that I can't get my Mercury connected. My wifi is working fine. Only the camera and bulbs keep unpairing from the app. Some apps are better.

The app is quite useful if you are able to use it properly. However, I do have some issues with connecting my devices which can be annoying but manageable.

Customer service is terrible. They keep breaking things and won't fix them. I currently have smart plugs and lights, as well as cameras. They stopped working within a few hours and Geeni or Murkery refused to assist.

It keeps telling me that i need to update my app, but the fact is it has been updated for over a week. It won't connect to my Google app. It says there are no devices in the geeni app, but there are. I tried it again and the exact same result.

My backdoor camera stopped working due to some technical issue. I tried everything, but the red light would not come on. I put the camera back up and it will work until I find another.

The app and the camera have only been with me for a few weeks. It was super simple to install and I love it.

My order came from harbor freight. I tried ordering from Best Buy, which had great customer service. They refunded my money when I realized that my order wasn't coming. But here's the thing with Geeni. I have not received my order and it has been sitting for two months. The customer service representative will not refund my money. I would not recommend buying from them.

The app is great and I like the lightbulbs. My only complaint about the app is that the colors don't strobe smoothly through without making my eyes hurt or using the Sync music thing. I would love to be able to change the colors by creating a scene where light just flows through different colors.

This is great so long as I don’t have to pay for a subscription. The three previous times I tried in the past year, I was unable to cancel my subscriptions ......

It works very well. All you need is a few clicks away: Christmas lights, lamps and more. Plug to turn on the sous vide heating for dinner. Fabulous. All of this can be done through Google Home.

If there weren't very minor issues, Totally would be 5 stars. It would be possible to give it 4 1/2 stars.