Gaspy - NZ Fuel Prices for PC

Gaspy - NZ Fuel Prices for PC

A free App that helps Kiwi’s find the cheapest fuel prices closest to them.

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I can't load data since the last update. App claims it is loading data, but the app never loads... Samsung S21. Updated to 1 Sept 2022. Stars changed

This app is great. Please, dear customers, when you update prices, be sure to enter the pump price and not the discount price. !

It is not possible to sign up and pay for the map. Petrolspy, a superior app, is not more popular in NZ.

It's great, as it shows up in New Plymouth at 2:37. The dearest is at 2:69. I use it whenever I fill up.

Gaspy is your favorite app. But, without public Gas Price Feedback, you would not have an app like it. So Praise Where It's Due Even the LITTLE PEOPLE. We ALL CONTRIBUTE BUT can't Add FAVES! I am not the only one who feels this way about your policies. I live 30kms from my nearest garage and have access to another 20kms away. It's been my favorite station for many years. I can only add it to my account if I have to pay. It's a give-and-take system, but I am contributing as everyone else.

It seemed fine until I looked at LPG prices. Stations that use LPG aren't always shown on the app. Although I tried to ask the company if they could fix it or update the app, no reply was received. My husband has a petrol car, but my LPG-dedicated vehicle is not suitable for him.

Users who are idiots on this site: This website is great for current pricing, but it is being destroyed by idiots who cannot tell the difference between a real price and a discount from base pricing

It's very useful for petrol customers in New Plymouth. This is very accurate. It is very accurate due to the large variation in New Plymouth's prices.

Since I first started using this app, the prices have never been the same as the app shows. This could be just my luck. However, I usually choose the lowest price which ends up being about 10c more than the app claims. Although this app seems like a good idea, it is useless if prices vary.

This app is great! It will show you where the lowest gas prices in your local area.

It's good, but I can't see my favourite gassy because it's too far away .... If I don't pay... This app is no longer pay-to-play.

You can't change the price of stupid, just type your price after you have entered it.

It would be great if you could identify retailers who have different prices at the pumps than what they display on their big signs. This happened at Z Papakura North, where there was 2.859 displayed on the sign and 2.899 at pump.

It didn't work so I posted a review and got an email from Ben. He explained what I should do.

I keep receiving money from this app that i did not approve. It has been taking my bank account and i don't know why. I have tried to cancel it but it will not let me.