GameChanger Team Manager for PC

GameChanger Team Manager for PC

The free GameChanger Team Manager app streamlines communication and scheduling.

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About GameChanger Team Manager For PC

Gamechanger was purchased to allow me to watch my granddaughter play basketball. All I do now is listen, which makes me crazy.

It is great for organizing activities. It can live stream the games to grandparent and parents who are unable to attend. Amazing app! !

As I could not play video games, I had to uninstall the program and then install it again. I can't see my stats now and I am a premium ($60) member. Help! I've emailed you 3x, but no response. It has been over a month.

It has been with me since its inception. It's a great product. It's been slow lately, however. You can see the clip below of one player. It's almost 2 behind. It doesn't really matter what service you have. Do you have any suggestions?

The app should only be used by children. Although they have an option to contact them, they do not respond. They haven't responded to my emails, even though I sent them 5-6 times over the week. Unacceptable trash.

This app is great. It allows you to watch live video and follow the score. Premium tracks stats for every play/at-bat and provides video clips. App may not work if the internet/cell connection aren't perfect. For situations where the video and app are not in sync, you can edit the clips.

This app is great to have a conversation with coaches/kids when you are not playing.

1. Chat bubbles have equal spacing between them, making it difficult to see who's speaking. To make it easier to understand, the person's name should be placed very near their chat bubble. 2. It is unclear to have "Go Live" text at the RECORDING BUTTON. Many grandparents are recording their grandchildren's home. The text must be updated. A pop-up should ask the user to confirm that they wish to stream to all.

The app is very helpful for my needs. The premium subscription is what I have, but the regular app works well too.

This season, we are experiencing major issues with our app. The app won't notify us of messages and will instead show you the message or even delete it. It is becoming increasingly difficult to handle communications. This has been happening since May last year.

This app is great, but I cannot find the option to cancel my winter subscription on my Android device. I've emailed, but still no reply.

This version has been removed. It will stop playing if you try to rotate the video landscape. Now video is useless on your phone.

This is a wonderful utility, especially for those who can't go. However, if we are required to do all the calculations...why should they charge us for access?

The app is a tremendous help when communicating with parents. We look forward to learning how to use game statistics.

It is easy to see, but the signal was looking a lot. Overall I love this app as I can watch my grandchild play.