Gacha Club for PC

Gacha Club for PC

Dress up cute chibi characters and gacha for units to battle in story mode!

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About Gacha Club For PC

It's great for creativity, imagination, and can even make your board dance.

Okay, i don't like the game. First it erases all my ocs once my computer is closed. Second it doesn't save most of my characters. It mostly deletes the slowest ones. It literally slows down when I have good internet or wifi. Last but not least, i don't recommend it to anyone who uses gacha club on their computer. It is a tedious process that took a lot of time and takes a lot of work to create. I love this game, but it is necessary to keep my characters alive.

This app is amazing! It's so awesome that it has made me lose my cool. These are American made, however, I love the fact that this app has added humor to it.

This !!!!!! game is my favorite. It could be a bit more challenging to make your body more sculpted.. But it is a great game! Fiveo makes ocs is my favorite game.

All my characters were made like my baby doll. 5 stars recommendation for anyone who has owe characters in the imagination. This app allows you to create whatever your heart desires.

This is a great game that I highly recommend to everyone. One thing is that if it kicks me out, or if I play for too long, it will just let me go. It also erases any progress that I have made since being kicked out. This problem is not unique to me. It's an amazing game, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

For years !!!! I have been playing gacha club. It's great, i don't have any problems with it.But sometimes the game won't save my CHARACTER . It's still a great game! It's so funny hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love it and playing MINI GAMES is so much fun!!! It is so great! It's so good! !

This game is great, I use it every day for YouTube and it is fun. However, the bug that causes your progress to be lost when you exit is annoying. I recommend the game. The character design is adorable, however, I would like more options in terms of hair and weird core.

I absolutely love the game ...........but have a simple request: Can you please fix the eye accessories that cover the entire eye?

It's awesome that there are no advertisements in this game! It's also great fun to role-play. :D

It's amazing! You can use this app to dress up, and some emotes.

It's a great game, but sometimes the pose doesn't work.

It's a fantastic game. I'm giving this game a 4 because i cannot see what backround i need or want when i am ready to recore it. Keep up the great work and don't give up!

It's a great game! However, they need to add more hairstyles! Another way to get gems quicker! This is a great idea, but I have one issue. I don't know how you can get props so I suggest that they do what they did in gacha lives for the probs, and then add some props. This game is highly recommended! !

It's fun and enjoyable to play.