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Our family member lost was found the following morning. He returned home that day! The Fitbark works great! We use it when Pintobean walks, as it shows the location map very accurately. We are very satisfied with Fitbark and recommend it highly

The UI is not intuitive and sometimes the battery can lose half of its charge within a day. It is especially frustrating to not receive technical support via phone. All communication is via email/text, which can be slow and frustrating. Texting can be as slow and tedious as texting. What you could do in minutes on the phone may take several hours.

It is extremely frustrating. Their customers are not heard. It is difficult to use and poorly designed. The features are not intuitive. It's as if Fitbit was giving more space for a picture of you than it actually has to display the data. Icons that make it difficult to locate useful functionality hide important functions. It is impossible to determine the level of your battery. The map function won't work unless you are in America. This app is a waste of money.

Although the app itself is excellent, it loads slow and doesn't sync. The background won't sync data and the battery level can't be checked so that you know when to recharge.

It is intuitive and easy-to-use. All the important information is available, including battery and pet location, in real-time, as well as extreme accuracy. The GPS coverage is great with three main carriers and the ability to switch between them if the signal gets weak. It also provides interesting data about my pets' health. There is no additional cost for WiFi stations or syncing problems as we only travel within the US. The "pack requests” feature is not something I use. You may receive occasional emails with helpful tips and information. I am very satisfied overall.

The app doesn't pull any data unless you actually open the file. Bluetooth is used to do this. However, the app states that it takes 100 minutes per minute. I also lost a whole month of data, which was 0 data. Although they will respond quickly to messages, the people who do not provide any assistance are slow and inefficient. They refused to change the date format to European from American. I tried to ask them if they could, and they declined. I don't have any programming knowledge, so I was unable to understand why they wouldn't. This product is not worth the money.

The app was able to sync results from the background and it worked well. It stopped synching and customer service suggested that I download an updated version so I could manually sync. It's now worse. I need to open the app again to initiate a sync, but this shows as unsuccessful. It will sync if I close it and then reopen it. Although support is great, it can take hours to fix every problem. It's so annoying.

The app's customer service is very helpful and simple to use. The app is very user-friendly and they respond quickly.

I am an uber user. I have had the product for more than 3 years. I also own two dogs. After about two years, the product ceases to work. The Fitbark's Bluetooth connection fails, and the product stops working. You should not purchase the Fit Bark product nor use the app.

Fitbark is a favorite of my dog Greta! A Fitbit is my personal fitness tracker. It's awesome that I can track both my running and walking stats. Greta, my running and walking partner All my Fitbit friends who have pets should check out the Fitbit community and purchase a Fit Bark for them! This is especially important if your pets have to be walking companions! Anyone who owns pets should use fit bark! They can track your pet's health and your own. Fitbark, thank you! It means a lot to Greta as well as me! !

Now, slow intermittent sync is fixed. The journal and social messaging cannot be disabled. It takes up an important portion of your screen. It's not something I want to do. People feel obliged to share. Each time a user logs into the app, they are presented with yet another irritating tutorial on how to use it. We are so stupid!

These changes will improve FitBark's user experience. 1) Display the battery percentage on the screen, without needing to go to the map/location to view the level. 1) Allow us to reduce the size of the "safe area" on the map. The minimum size is too large. 3) Use LINES to map our dogs' walks, with directional arrows like Fi's App. We don't see anything in paw prints. Make each walk shareable via an activity timeline. You can also search for dogs in your area by breed, age and state.

The Fitbark GPS 2nd edition has been with us for just over two weeks. We are at 75% battery, which is much better than what we had expected. The Fitbark GPS second edition provides excellent health information. It also seems to be accurate in its gps services. The 24-pound Pug doesn't seem to be bothered by it. It is highly recommended!

Was great at first. It tracked her and gave me the stats. It stopped tracking me and will now only track me if I make it. The device was weakened. She doesn't seem to be able to hit her goals because I don't open the app every day to check for updates. Her stats are now irregular. Yes, my phone is close to her several times per day. I had to ask staff for help. It still doesn't auto update and even though it was near it, it fails to sync at all.

FitBark GPS beats the rest in almost every way. The app is functional, FitBit integration works well, my dog can be followed by friends via FitBit, and the customer service was beyond my expectations.