FIFA Soccer for PC

FIFA Soccer for PC

Build your Ultimate Team and compete against others with all-new gameplay.

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About FIFA Soccer For PC

This game is my second year of playing.

It's fun, but the game keeps breaking. I play it every day but have not reached level 10. Please reply with a solution.

It's a great game, but you cannot switch the palyers once the ball is up. If someone else gets it please fix this otherwise fantastic game.

This game is excellent, and one of my favorites. It is too simple to find new players. It's easier than ever. Fifa Mobile 19 is better.

Great graphics, easy controls, and good graphic design. Please bring Uefa features. Champions League, Europa League and Afcon World Cup are all great options. However, I would like to see some offline modes.

Amazing game, best game of football i have ever played. However, the new version is having issues loading and exchanging data.

This game is great, but you are taking my coins to transvers players. I sold for 4.5m and you only gave me 4m. Please change that.

It's a good game, but it won't open because there was an error in the resource download. The game has 20GB of space ani and 10-15 Mbps. Please fix this problem.

You guys, please pair us up with the various OVR groups do you match an OVR 110 with OVR 122? and then expect that OVR 110 will win is not fair .....

Update: The balance has been completely destroyed by the latest update. Overpowering Defenders, touch are bad, passes don’t go with the first touch. You need to pass pass, and aim for a goal. Good things are destroyed.

Poor tactics are used in this game. The team that has players bought will win regardless of what. Goal keepers who don't care about the level are incapable of keeping score. Players often have poor experiences and glitches.

It's a terrible football game. I want to know if previous FIFA mobile players told developers they only wanted a watered-down FUT, and not an actual football game. It's a shame that you can no longer play with your favorite team or in any mode.

This is a great game. It is great, but when I choose 120hz refresh rate the game is slow and it's impossible to play.

Please correct this as it takes some time for the page to load.

Although it's an enjoyable game, the goalkeeper is unable to stop all the shots. It's very easy to shoot an enemy player. Make sure you make your goalkeepers better.