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FGLair for PC

Android Application "FGLair" for Fujitsu General Air-Conditioner

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There are two issues. It is extremely slow and makes it difficult to use. 2 - It drops one of my 8 connected units, and shows it as offline. It seems that the default setting for timers and other functions is used when it's offline. Although it has tremendous potential, the sleek design and ability to create schedules are great. However, the below issues make the product less appealing.

The kit was mine. Fine. The WiFi units were installed. Fine. Yes, I created an account. After 36 hours, we have not received an email to confirm our account. What have I done to my money? Fujitsu doesn't seem to care. I also sent an email to the developer... but no reply. I am disappointed

Problem solved: My device is not registering with the servers. It is not connecting to my UNIFI network. Registering to work was blocked by L2 isolation.

It worked fine for approximately a year. Now it tells me it's offline constantly. It was back online after I connected it. It is not registered and I cannot re-register. I advise against buying a Fujitsu device. My business has several units and it is so easy to connect them and use the app. Fujitsu seems to have overcomplicated both the app and connectivity process.

Although the app can connect and control units accurately, it would also be nice if it could connect with Google Home (available in America and Canada, but not Europe) or other platforms like Tuya so that I can remotely manage it via thermostat information. It would be great to have power consumption data.

To receive Fujitsu promotional emails, you must register using the spam email box. To make it work, I needed to crate an html file. Once that was done I could launch the FGlair directly from my browser. Why is there no option to register inside the application? It asks you to consent to personal data mining and it will not continue registration without your location information. It knows where the AC device is. It asks me for my WLAN password.

It is a very frustrating app. It changes the settings of its operation modes, fan speed and airflow direction by itself. It is horrible to see the weekly timer. A company such as Fujitsu should not be allowed to use such an inept application.

It is very difficult to connect.

A different heating system would be better if I could not control the heat units outside my home. For something so important as your home heating, this is completely unacceptable. FUJITSU HVAC is not recommended if you want to be able to control the units while away.

This allowed me to set up schedules that I could access and I was able to toggle the switch so that it would only show one of my schedules at a given time. The original schedule I made seems to have overridden everything, and the Fujitsu turns off whenever I'm not there. Fujitsu needs to fix this protocol. It's really poor.

2022 Update: Every time I use this app, I have to log in. This app is difficult to use. The App is not rock-solid if you remove local control. We are going to move to Intesis.

It is possible that my account has been deleted from the app or it may be an issue with android 12.

It should be easy to change the wifi password. It should also be easier to connect wifi. As complitors are able to choose that option, there should also be an indicator of electricity consumed.

It was working but I can't register my aircon. I tried WPS and manual modes. It doesn't work. Why?? Samsung Fold 3

Here is my review of an app that was poorly written. Fujitsu used to employ me so I understand the app being poorly written and bad. It is not intended to be used in practice. The app was updated. Although it is much better than before, it still requires me to log in every time I need to adjust the air conditioner. WHY? To log in, I must enter my email address and my password. The password must be so secure! This new interface has ZERO stars and is much worse than the one that was before. !