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It has been working great, as long as the app isn't updated. The doorbell cam ceases to work on my app as soon as I update it. The same version has worked great for me over the past year. This is the reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 1 star.

The app crashes when you try to change colors, mainly on the fade and strobe effects. This happened after the last update. It was one of our favourite features for parties/holidays. We are disappointed!

It worked at first but was difficult to setup. Can't connect to either of the lights. Or it will not open.

The app does not work with bulbs. I cannot speak for the bulb functionality. There are two issues: the extra white temperature options don't work and the widget doesn't remember your presets until the app is opened again.

I followed the directions 10 times, got through each step but kept being told "failed to Add Device" despite having fixed all of my settings, managed the wifi, and other issues. Although it worked well, my husband had to try it with an Apple iPhone. The instructions were vague and confusing. It is not easy to find help on the website. It was very easy to adjust the brightness and colors once the lights were working. It is terrible.

This is such a stupid software. My router uses an auto connection that connects to 5 GHz all the time. A 5 ghz connection is required. It's frustrating. It doesn't matter how far it is, I still have problems! !

All three pairing options have failed me numerous times. It doesn't work. I have 4 bulbs and can't connect them all. It doesn't connect to my father's phone.

I don't understand what is happening with the app. It won't let me control my smart bulb. What happened? It was awful

Only able to see the camera live. Can also playback feeds at 5%. The customer service team was very inept. Take care!

My brother gave me my camera. It was a third-party purchase and I didn't know about it. It's incredibly durable. It is a joy to use. It lasts for about a month after being charged for just a couple of hours. It is checked daily, and I use all of its functions. This product is great and I would recommend it to everyone. It is very user-friendly.

It's pretty cool. It's very easy to use. It is compatible with many devices. There are no major issues or glitches (except for operator error). Overall, I recommend Feit to monitor and manage all IOT devices in your home. Their hardware is also solid.

10/10/22 Bulbs don't work w/ new Spectrum WiFi 6 router. 11/2021: Bulbs are not responding to voice and Google app color-change commands inconsistently Updated 10/21 Google Home. Google Home is not connecting to Feit. Both link from Google Home and link from Feit failed to connect. Do not waste your time. Google Home is not able to control the bulbs reliably after 2 years. After 2 years, bulbs start to fail. Update: Google Home no longer has the ability to change colors using voice commands.

The lightbulb effects don't seem to be working all the time. Although I am able to use only one color, I used to be able to create a light strobe/fade using multiple colors. However, now my app forces me to close the app when I attempt to change any colors. Only one color is available.

App keeps closing. App will not open if I go to effects or try to change the settings of the fade effect.

2. Stars because at the very least I can still alter my lighting color. After a recent update, all the effects caused the app to crash. This must be fixed immediately. As it stands, the app is almost useless.