Family Nest: Family Relics for PC

Family Nest: Family Relics for PC

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About Family Nest: Family Relics For PC

I have an account but it won't let me log in to it when I download it from my smartphone. I don't want to do it all again.

This game is my first time playing it. I gave the game three stars when i started. This game will be my first for at least a week, then I'll return to see how it feels.

The renstall forced me to start over again from the beginning. I cannot open the game next time I go to play it. Please help me.

Support has not responded to multiple calls I made to them to retrieve my account after I switched to a new smartphone. It was shockingly unprofessional. It will be removed. Update: I emailed again and have not received any response. I spent nearly $200 on this game, and the company doesn't stand behind its product. The company doesn't really care about people who are playing this game. This company has refused to email me and I have been trying for more than a year to get access. Don't install.

This game was downloaded because it looked nice.

I tried to play the game on my laptop but when it got to 100%, it just kept saying that loading was occurring and that the game is not available to me. I cannot go to the farms of my neighbours or high-ranking friends when I use my Ipad. It keeps me at my farm.

This game has too many advertisements! If you love farming, but you also like advertisements it might be for you. This isn't for me.

It's a cute game, but the game says that something is wrong. Please fix this game.

The graphics of the game are stunning, but the energy is sufficient to complete any task.

It is a great game, but it drains my battery quickly.

You are too cautious. While you may be able to find energy somewhere, the energy requirements and cost of energy there are much higher. fruit trees.. ONE freakin fruit per tree? Oh no. Bye Felicia

It's fun at first. Then, you realise that only one tree can be cut down by 22 energy points. So you decide to decorate. You can't build a fence all around your property as they restrict the stock. However, you could buy a new fence with your cash. This game is being deleted. It is one of 3 similar games that I have played that required me to spend $00.

Although it's an enjoyable game with a great story, graphics, and a solid plot, it can take too long to create things, harvest crops, and fruits, and it also takes too long to get energy. Unless you buy energy in e-shop, they may fix it.

You are tingly with energy...some amazing graphics, and I would love to play if you could keep playing for longer than 10 minutes at a time.

Today's family nest game won't work. My other games work fine. This app was deleted.