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Eufy Security for PC

eufyCam: The Wirefree Security Cam with 365-Day Battery Life

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It is very difficult to watch video playback. You will also be redirected to an Ad tab when you update the app. This means that you must view the Fullscreen ads for several seconds before you are able to navigate the app. It was very disappointing.

It was great working and I am happy, but it has changed. Every time I go into the office to verify an event, random ads are displayed. It was very irritating. I thought about using a doorbell, but now it is not.

It was an excellent app. Eufy began putting ads on the app after I purchased the system. You can't use the app to manage your system. It isn't advertising-driven software. You have purchased a product that has been forced to display ads. Eufy products are not worth my money. This is dishonesty, and they are taking advantage of customers.

I am going around in circles, can't remember my password. Send me an email to set it up.

This is absurd. I don't want to be bombarded with ads on the start-up of your app.

They aren't smart enough. You will see a pop-up app every time you log in to your account. This allows you to view the security camera. You will have to wait until the advertisement is removed before you can access the app and any security cameras. This is a huge disadvantage to having instant access to your safety and security. This is something I have repeatedly asked the company. They told me that they don't plan to take it down because they are more concerned about competing with other companies and making money.

These ads can be dangerous and annoying. The app is not designed to be used to monitor my environment. Instead, it should focus on opening each camera quickly. Eufy discovered that this time is a great opportunity to promote new products.

Advertisements Ads, Ads, and more ads. I'd buy more products if the irritating advertisements stopped! I'm trying find out who is on my property.

Recent installation of the new edge security pop-up delays critical response time It must be removed or placed at the end.

Your camera was the best I have ever seen. I researched your products extensively. Your products are what I am familiar with. If you have something I don't need, I will buy it. Don't waste your time with all the advertisements. You have something to offer, I understand it. It's there every time that I use your app. This forced publicity is making me very angry. Please stop with these ads.

Recently, full-screen ads were shown every launch. To encourage you to send your friends emails, there's a red dot that says "New message". It works, however they should be more happy with existing customers and provide a way for you to stop the upsells and ads.

When I opened the app, it displayed an Ad. Thanks.

The app became worse. Geofencing responds slowly or never at all. It is also possible to create one geofencing location for all cameras.

This camera is owned by my wife x. I was fascinated and enthused about the features, so I purchased 2.

It is a little confusing to setup, but it works great once you have. Easy to use and clear images.