eSound: Free Music Player for MP3 music streaming for PC

eSound: Free Music Player for MP3 music streaming for PC

Create & stream your favorite playlist and trending music with our music player

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About eSound: Free Music Player for MP3 music streaming For PC

It's versatile and a good music app, even if it's not a paid service such as Spotify. The YouTube search feature makes it even better. My only problem is the app is now lagging a lot. This happens most often when Discord is open. The music cuts out more frequently now than it did in the initial few months. It's not clear if this is an issue with Esound or the app itself. It's a minor inconvenience, but until I fix it this will be a Star.

Because music is fun and makes life easier when there's no wifi.

good!! But it has too many ads. It shows an ad each time i open the app.

Although the app works well, I am disappointed that it does not have some features other players enjoy. For example, you cannot loop a song. My biggest complaint is being unable to play songs when my screen goes off.

You can stream your favorite songs from the app. It also allows you to create playlits. You can also save songs offline. I found the app on tiktok. Give it a shot. Although it worked well at first, adding songs to a playlist makes the app slow. It will not play any song or load it. Some songs say it is not available in this system, but how did that happen? It took a while to open and sometimes it gives me a black screen.

App crashes at least once every time it is used. Sometimes it lags as well. It sometimes doesn't show the singers, even though the app says so. It's simply stupid people uploading songs. This app is amazing! You can listen to the song without a phone service or wi-fi if you download it offline. I LOVE THIS PART! I WOULD GIVE IT 5 STARS, IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE LAGGING and APP CLOSING. Overall, it's a great app! !

This app works great, but it is slow.

Una buena app para escuchar tu musica con pocos anuncios y las puedes des es lo mejor y escuchar sin Internet de las mejores un gusto poder usarla sin tener Internet para poder escuchar tus rolas y lo mejor que tiene muy pocos anuncios ya si no quieres los anuncios paga el primiun pero de seguro no lo necesitarar por minimo sale un anuncio por 5 canciones muy bueno no como las demas es una de las mejores muy recomendable de mi parte espero la disfrutes como yo que tengas buen dia/noches/tardes

Although it is great, when I log back in my account my offline playlist suddenly has to be downloaded again. It also keeps stalling even though my internet speed is fast and I have lots of storage.

The app was great when I first downloaded it 2 months ago. But now it's terrible. A lot of ads keep popping up, and it gets really annoying.

Although the app works well, the connection does not work everytime the bar is changed. Can you please fix this?

Although it's better than spotify, there is a slight problem. It doesn't let me download new songs, but it says it has an error. I can't even remove songs from my list.

Although it was incredible, and even miraculous, I was unable to get the app to work again after my phone had been factory reset. It took me three days to download five songs. It was supposed to fix the issue so I deleted it. I can't log in to my account any more. Please fix the problem. This app is amazing and it was a pleasure to use. Pls fix it. It is important that I continue to listen to my music. This app will be deleted if it's not fixed.

It is the absolute worst app. It would be a terrible app if I could lower it. This app has been with me for quite some time. The only reason it doesn't seem to be getting rid of is my laziness in transferring songs to other apps. It seems great at first, but then it goes south quickly. You will be shown an advertisement for every action, including turning on your smartphone. If you wish to modify a song you must wait until they are over. You can also have the song replaced or removed.

It's the best music app. I love it more than other apps. However, I've started to have problems playing music. The app keeps telling me that you don't have this song but not one. I also get the message for every song. I can't sign in with Google. Please fix this problem. This app is my favorite music app.