Elephant Learning Math Academy for PC

Elephant Learning Math Academy for PC

Advance math skills by at least 1 year in just 3 months.

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About Elephant Learning Math Academy For PC

This math program is amazing. My grandson has a terrible fear of math. Now he really enjoys logging in to Elephant Learning math. I'm a happy grandma.

I was treated like a puppy on Facebook by the person who is their social media manager. They also insulted me mother. Never had such a horrible experience with a company. Horrific.

Horrible! ABC Mouse is insanely better at a lower price. The 80s computer generated voices. They also used sound effects from Nintendo consoles. I wonder if the parents paid for them. It kept her interested, but it was painful for parents to hear.

It is a great book. I am 22 years old and needed to refresh my mind. Although I am not at the grade level that I should, it helped a lot. It is a great experience.

This app was installed today by my 11-year old son and his 5 year old brother. To get my sons started with the coursework and placement exam, I needed to log in using my credentials. !

These pictures make my eyes hurt like wolves. Wolfs can be dangerous and hostile, but if they are left alone, they will not harm you.

This site is amazing. It works for me and my children. The only problem is that my toddler isn't as well-advanced as the other kids.

My 27-year old son is itellical deficient and could not grasp mathematics. He was tested at barley, and was able to count and recognize letters. In 5 days he moved from 3.5 to 4.5

My phone won't let me load the app. Although it's an excellent program on the computer, I cannot get it open on my smartphone.

The app is junk. It's not for children under 10. And the developers of the software made it worse. There were 3 lessons that didn't make my answer in corract, and another for fraction slide bars thngy. Don't waste your time or money.

Software problems! It is still not working for me. I also have problems signing up to the site. My child was completing the assessment when the site crashed. This will be checked again. If not im cancelling. Advice from Elephant Learning: Make sure all the features work properly in your app and on your website if you plan to sell a program.

My children love the Academy so far. However, my 6-year-old daughter is still struggling with math. I hope to see improvement in her grades in the near future. It is expensive at 35 dollars, which is why the Academy offers a scholarship to households. I pay only $10 per month for this scholarship. You can check out their scholarship and see if your eligibility.

The girls are progressing. A problem arose and we were contacted to resolve it. Great customer service. Thank you again.

Be careful when signing up - they doubled my account and, despite multiple emails for 2 months straight, haven't refunded it. Unprofessional.

So far, so good. The only problem we encountered was that it requested my son to name 72 hippopotamus. However, there were only 10 options and not one digit to create the 2.