DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for PC

Browse the web privately, search anonymously, and escape ad trackers.

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It is very easy to use. I love the independence and privacy of giants. Excellent search results. Simple to understand. Thank you for your assistance. It's good to not be dependent on Google. It is nice that advertising doesn't interrupt me. Google does this when I'm half-way through a book.

It's my first time using the app, but I am already in love with it. It is a great app! This app is something I'm going to continue using. I also plan on updating my opinion periodically.

This app is amazing. I love the app tracking beta, but my phone won't allow me to turn it back on. The option to be happy is no longer available. I am glad you added me to the app tracker again. I started Duckduckgo Search because it contained adds.

It is excellent, and has protected my phone on numerous levels. It deserves 10 stars if I can.

You can see how bias is evident when you look at Google search results for duck duck go ..... We are grateful for Duck duck Go and the ability to deliver information that is not just facts.

It's a wonderful way to surf the web without having annoying scanners or sticky beaks tracking your movements etc. When a duck does something useful, such as blocking trackers, I love the lighthearted comments. Excellent beta email routing is another great option that provides anonymity for those like me who value privacy. The Best Work DuckSS

Google can not access this app, so you'll need to use Google to get it. Anyway,

So far, I'm just starting to use it. It's been pretty great so far. You don't like all the duck duck go-related quips about protecting yourself.


Duckduckgo fails. Duckduckgo failed me. They still watch me and stole my data. Clearing data is not an option. It isn't private. Only apps from Google Play Store are allowed to spy on you, regardless of whether you have knowledge. Duckduckgo watches you. It's not worth it. No point. The Internet can also be watching. Spyware is everywhere. Copyright, Spyware, and Business are all wrong. People shouldn't disturb me, but I will stop them from copying me. My work is not in social media or the internet. I only check that it is.

The App Tracking Protection feature for Android is my favorite. This first block many trackers from third-party applications. To remove any trackers from your email, the second is a private relay that you can use to send an email. It is a great option and I highly recommend it.

After the latest update, crashed. Every time I attempt to open images, it crashes.

When forecasting the weather, you use the Islam symbol. This is not an accident. It's a large corporation. You will lose your market if you try to be inclusive. It's impossible to create something that appeals to all people. You'll lose a lot people if you try to be all things to all people. Your company may become unrecognizable.

DuckDuckGo is my favorite! DuckDuckGo protects me and my searches better than any other social media or web search forums. It also tells you which platforms have protected your searches! It is easy to use and a great search tool.

DDG doesn't get lost in the coding of my favourite website like Chrome. DDG provides a simple experience that I trust.