DROPOUT by CollegeHumor for PC

DROPOUT by CollegeHumor for PC

DROPOUT is an uncensored, ad-free subscription comedy platform from CollegeHumor

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It is hard to express the happiness it brings me. Most days, my family watches some version of this show. It's well worth it.

They got me. After a three-day trial, I signed up for a free 3 Day Trial to view a couple of episodes of Make Some Noise, Game Changer and Tales from the Closet. I was so impressed with these characters that I started my second month watching Dimenion 20. It works great and the app is fast even when I use a mobile browser. It would be great if there were a speed function that could go 1.5x, etc.

There has been no change. It is still amazing. The app is easy to use, you can download it for offline play and has Closed Captions (which I do), as well as great content.

Casting is difficult because subtitles can't be turned off without restarting the app. The app doesn't remember where I was in an episode.

Amazing shows. I have always loved them and to see their work on their own platform makes my heart so happy. You're so funny! !

This is a great service and I am happy to pay monthly. It's been three months now and I have already enjoyed more entertainment than Netflix. You can watch ttrpgs and game shows that are funny, as well as little gems such Total Forgiveness.

It works better than many web-based streaming services that allow for app development. The only issue that I've had with casting from my Samsung Galaxy A42 to Google Chromecast is the inability to enable closed captioning. Other than that, streaming is flawless. It is a great choice if you like CollegeHunor's brand of comedy. I admit that at first, I was skeptical. But even the Make Some Noise spinoff content alone is well worth it.

I love all of the recent content! It's hard not to laugh. It's so easy to make a noise with a group of flowers and fae, and then play it by ear.

Sometimes a video doesn't work for me every now and again, but overall it is the best streaming site based solely on original, fun content created by one of the most talented groups ever assembled.

The app has amazing content that is worth its price. However, it can be a bit slow when loading certain videos from my phone and Xbox One.

This platform is amazing. Although cross-platform tracking is not perfect and it can be difficult to keep track of your viewing history, the content far outweighs any technical issues.

Access to so many content at a reasonable cost (I was a full-year sub), is possible for a price that's much lower than what College Humor/Dropout charges. The purchase was a great success. A small technical issue is that sometimes it's difficult to sync from my PC to my mobile. This could cause Continue Watching to miss some content. Despite that, the streaming service is very well-designed and smooth. It has a wide range of content. This was exactly what I needed.

These game shows can be very creative and interesting. D20 has always had great campaigns. It's always a good time for a laugh, no matter how long you are watching it.

Amazing content in a slow app. You can search for individual episodes, but not all seasons. Casting to TVs or other similar devices requires that you can not fast-forward or use closed captioning. These shows are amazing and well worth the subscription.

The yearly subscription was the best choice I have made. I am truly impressed with how much content I receive each month.