Dogtra Pathfinder for PC

Dogtra Pathfinder for PC

The App works with the Dogtra Pathfinder and brings GPS tracking and E-collar.

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This has been my daily routine for two months. It seems to be working well. GPS location is somewhat erratic. It shows my dog when she is still and enters and leaves the geofence, but it is not able to send an automatic tone when the dog is leaving.

System 9-21 was purchased with 2 collars. The system does not work. My dogs are 8 miles from my home. I sent three times for repairs and had many conversations with IT. It is not worth the $$. My $650 investment is not refundable. !

It says that my dog is not 2 feet away.

App says that it cannot find me for several months and can't use my collar.

It connects well. It takes forever for it to connect. You lose time if you don't know where your hounds are. It shouldn't cost too much to set up.

Since the last update on March 9th 2022, I am sitting in front of my dog in Dogtra collar. He is taking a quiet nap in his crate, while Dogtra tells me that he runs in and out 200 meters from his geofence. This latest update might contain some bugs that y'all may have added.

The system is great. I have coonhounds and I tried every Garmin device I could find. I was not as happy with it then, but I'm now.

If you want to shock your dog or dosent tone it when you leave the geo fence. The controller does not either. This was specifically for him to not run on the roads that put my dog at risk. I responded to developers by saying again, "Why the heck do i have to know this, my dog has to know that."

Field trial of fox hounds is my goal. I run my dogs at the very least three times per year. My Pathfinder is now a complete companion after a year.

Maps does not track me and leaves me the me symbol at my beginning. My dogs have no idea of my location.

For 43 years, I've been coon hunting. I'm 51. All the trackers I've ever used have been mys. The dogtra system has been the best and easiest to use. The (beep,beep collars), Garmin, and Dogtra are all options. My signal is always strong and I have hunted all across the country, from mountain to swamp. My Dogtra also gets hunted 5-6 nights per week. I am available to help test the Dogtra products if they need me.

It is a pain to connect up and it constantly loses connection. A collar costs $500 and your dog is at risk of running away. FAILURE NOT

Just recently, I downloaded this version 1.4.17 to my Android phone. It was a disappointment that Screensaver was not available. It was a great setting. Is there a way to make it available again?

It is incredible. The telementry system has evolved from its original form to include the alpha units and garmin astro. When the first dogtra pathfinder was released, I must admit that I was cautious. It would have made me miserable. The dogtra has a far superior product to the garmin alpha series. The collars attach to the unit much faster than my alpha and astro. Maps are the best thing about it all. Dogtra was a master of using the patfinder.

This system worked flawlessly for me, even though I purchased it used. I haven't experienced any problems with the remote or collar. Dogtra Pathfinder is the best system. It's so easy and less hassle.