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Digiloom for PC

Digiloom App let's you create your own fashion statements.

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AuthorWowWee Group Ltd

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It made me feel like I was going to harm another person by trying to setup this. It was frustrating. It was so frustrating that I had to change the batteries. Nothing. All permissions were granted to me. Nothing. It was nothing. Nothing. The button was still on. Nothing. It was closed. I tried the app later. Nothing. I am so exhausted at 2 AM and just want everything to go smoothly

This is a piece of rubbish. Although it says it needs you to give it Bluetooth permissions, the app doesn't actually ask.

The Digiloom and the app are not able to update the firmware. Using a Samsung S20. Transactions in-app fail. It is truly frustrating.

This digiloom is not for me.

It won't connect! It was a wonderful gift that my daughter received, but it is not possible to connect. I was disappointed

Didgiloom can be used over your Blue Tooth. This was a Christmas present for my granddaughter. App is not recommended as it's difficult to sync with blue tooth. This was frustrating for my Granddaughter and me. At the age of 10, she had her own smartphone and knew how to use it. Digiloom would not function correctly. I have 10 kits and Bugs Digiloom, Machine that are still sitting in my Attic.

It was a horrible experience. It's impossible to purchase packs. Says transaction declined. So purchasing works with other apps, so I'm curious what the problem is.

The app and the device are a complete waste of time! Don't connect and you will have a very unhappy child. There is nothing worse than receiving a gift that does not work for a birthday! This is a shameful way to sell something!

It disconnects frequently. Wowwee's online support is ineffective as it only directs users back to the app. Without a decent app and support, product is inoperable.

It is incredible! My sis bought the loom as a birthday gift. The app and machine are amazing too. Five stars!

It works if I press the button from the app to pair my phone with the machine, then push the reset button using a pencil. However, this thing still works as a POS.

The app is at worst a joke. It doesn't work properly and the videos look terrible. The team responsible for making the app should be terminated, as well the manager. This is not something you should have QC'd before publishing it! My 21-year career in IT has included Desktop Support, Project Lead and Project Mngr. I also have numerous Tech Docs and Work Instructions. I am not asking for any kind of a pat on the head but just trying to provide context and value to your review.

You should be jail for being a garbage scammer. The fine print of "Connects Bluetooth" says it is not normal bluetooth and won't work with normal devices. Scammers.

It would tell me that it had been connected for five seconds to the loom, but it then told me to reconnect again. Both the app and the loom are useless.

I couldn't get my braclet to work. Do not buy this product. It is expensive.