Cute Sticky Notes Widget for PC

Cute Sticky Notes Widget for PC

New sticky note widget app for writing post it notes on your home screen!

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AuthorModern Beauty Apps

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About Cute Sticky Notes Widget For PC

These ads can be very irritating. A decent app is also available. It's not unreasonable to expect that many people will pay extra for an ad-free app.

Although it is functional and cute, I do not like how small the widget looks.

It's cute, and I rate it four stars. But can you add AM/PM to the alarm? It won't let me set the time so I cannot. The message says, "U can't go back in time." Please change the date

If the widget was not hidden, this would be the most adorable and coolest widget I have ever seen. It doesn't show. I tried everything. Please help.

It's not as great as I expected it to be. I feel it was designed for 2-3 years olds. If they were able to use it, I believe I could have drawn and made a better design.

It's a complete shame. The app requires access to photos and media in order to be used. Why ?...there's no reason that this app should have access to any of my private things. It definitely feels like fraud. It's not something I would trust. Do not use!

This app is amazing! This app is so simple to use and very useful. You can also customize sticky notes. And most importantly it's adorable! This app is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of kawaii to their home screens.

I love the cute little aap, but every time i try to open it it tells me that it is not possible. It is so annoying that i was able to see what you wrote.

Very cute! I love the animations and can't help but to look at them. It would also be wonderful if you could change the size of your note widget. Please add this feature to the site if it is possible.

It is very useful and you can take notes as well as make a to-do list.

Although the application has some celebrities, it's not very interesting. It is better suited for children with smaller heads. The app is not worthwhile. It's a tiny app with some blocked cards. This bothers me.

All of the cute and varied options available for personalizing "kawaii" notes are amazing. This makes reminding yourself super easy and cute

This app is amazing. I'm honest.

It's a very nice app, but I don't know how to access the stickers and frames. Please help me.

It is irritating that the selection of stickers, and all the other stuff below the notepad is larger than the notepad. It would be nice to write more.