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CloudEdge provide a set of video service platform for family and enterprise.

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There are many issues with sharing. Sharing is a problem. The only option available when selecting multiple files is to delete them. "Share" option is only available when a saved picture or video is opened, allowing a max of only 1 file at a time to be shared/exported/uploaded to another location. This is why I am leaving 1 star. If I get contacted by customer service, even to confirm that my comments are accurate, then I'll increase the stars

It's shocking to learn that the camera does not show battery percentage, but WiFi percentage. It does not offer an option to end the live viewing. Amateuer developer work.

VERSION 4.4.2. HAS MAJOR BUG. Alert Plan - Time Period Setting. Does not allow for alert notifications to go out at night or in the morning. Example- 20:00 - 07:00. I had an older version of the app on my other devices, so it was possible to choose that time period.

The app isn't working for a month. There has been no live video, recordings or anything. This month, there were many one-star reviews. They were somehow deleted. BEWARE BUYER! Cloudedge is not working and developers won't fix it. Since September, I have been experiencing issues and no solution has worked. Two cameras are in my possession, and I am having the same problem with each.

This app worked fine up until the latest update. All I hear is "connection lost", "connection lost", and "connection lost". It's extremely frustrating to have a 315 mile security camera at my property.

UPDATE: This app is so glitchy that I had to lower the rating. There was no improvement even after clearing cache. Reinstall is the last thing you should do. This is a new feature, so keep an eye out for updates. The alerts are set to notify visitors, but no recordings of them taking place.

Videos can't be viewed if there are lost connections near the router. HD video is dead. After you turn them off, notifications will no longer be sent.

Cameras work offline more often than online. I have to restart my phone every time I want to see the cameras. I highly recommend not

The camera works well and it lets me know my remaining battery life. It also lasts quite a bit. These cameras are now useless thanks to the latest update. These cameras no longer work, even if connected to the internet. The batteries in all three have stopped working after a few weeks.

This app is useless. This useless and trashy app is not to be trusted. This app can be used on any device, but you should stay clear of it. The app is useless and won't play your current video, but it will play past video, even deleted ones!

Although I think the battery cameras work well for me, the app is now unable to delete alarm notification. It used to be possible to select all or individual alarms, but I can't seem to find how.

It is known for being slow to load, and it often needs to be closed down and restarted. This is a problem for cameras systems as you might need to quickly check their settings. Although it works for most of the time, it is slow and takes a lot of time. They should fix this. This is not data, it's the wifi. It happens to all devices whether they are close or far from each other.

I have emailed you this, but the address isn't available. My husband can see the video from his camera at all times, and it works perfectly. My phone and cameras are connected to the same WiFi network, so wifi is very strong. You will see the spinning circle in the live feed and Connecting. The app still sends me still images in its messages. Since yesterday, the one camera that I have been using hasn't sent any images or alerts to me tonight. However it did send them to my husband's phone. They work, but not my app.

The app looks fantastic and is easy to set up. However, viewing live video feeds is not always possible due to connection timeouts. Connecting is possible for less than 5% of the times. Rebooting software doesn't work. The camera reports 100% signal, and can be plugged into via USB. The problem appears to be resolved by resetting my router. Configurable PIR non-trigger zones don't work. To reduce the chance of PIR zone problems, disable PTZ movement from video display. Keep zoom level intact and the location settings on your app closed

The night vision problem has been resolved. The app will not send any notifications if the phone is on standby or inactive. It is also listed in Google Home as a device that supports Google home, but it fails to find the outdoor camera and doorbell.