Chispa, the Dating App for Latino, Latina Singles for PC

Chispa, the Dating App for Latino, Latina Singles for PC

Introducing Chispa, the hottest swipe app for Latino, Latina & Hispanic singles

Chispa, the Dating App for Latino, Latina Singles for PC Details

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About Chispa, the Dating App for Latino, Latina Singles For PC

To view any messages, you will need a subscription. The cheapest is $25. This app doesn't even offer a photo gallery. I was sent a message by a fake profile. I couldn't see it because my subscription had been blocked. I can prove this.

The only thing I dislike about the App, is the fact that you keep swiping at the same profiles (people) over and over again. This is something that I believe should be improved.

There are many Latinas here but here's the problem. Fake accounts are common on all social media platforms. 2Girls use Snap or IG to gain followers. This is about half the number of girls on this site. Swiping is not the best way to communicate with them, as they need to have a Match to do so. Many people post they are interested in seeing likes and you can message them. If they don't swipe, itas a trap 22. Live has bugs and freezes App

App worked well. I met a couple of women. The app made it impossible to log in. It's a pain in the neck. It's impossible to log in. When I press the back button, it's gone. Now I am logged out. Bullshiiiiiiiii....

It's ridiculous. It still doesn't have a filter that will allow us to locate .... people who actually live in your area. But they'll create a useless filter to find matches , as though that is the problem. They'll also implement boring and repetitive video chat. They will do anything to make their users unhappy. THIS COMPANY MUST SELL THE APP. They are horrible

The app crashed within 60 seconds without any fail. It crashes every time I use it. My galaxy s21 super is what I use. It seems to be most useful for iPhone users

App is terrible. I have written to support five times. 2 weeks later, no resolution. The app crashes each time i log into it. It logs me out within a minute and I have to log in again every one minute. This is a terrible app that I would never recommend.

The new live feature looks so strange. It makes it seem more like a chat app than a dating app. The app was ruined

This app is free, but it has limitations. Chispa will constantly try to convince you to upgrade and buy super likes. It also has like limits that prevent you from liking as many profiles as you want. Not recommended.

This app is something I have used on and off. The idea is good, but the execution stinks. It doesn't have profile authentication and I have been scammed twice and tried to be scammed seven more times. Matches are not random and filters do not work.

First, there is no method to unblock accidentally blocked users or remove ethnicity filters. The worst part is that this app logs me out every twenty seconds. It is almost impossible to use.

This app is free and you don't have to pay. You can still meet up with your friends, but this isn't necessary.

It worked well until it stopped working. My account was disabled and they won't explain why. This app is a waste of money. You are logged out every time the app is closed. Your guys seem out of touch with the reality. After three attempts to contact customer service, I have not heard from them in over 2 months. You suck gfys.

This app is garbage. Ten matches were available before I paid. There's no more after I paid. The females want ig or snap. If there is no match for you, why download the app? It's not worth the effort! Not to be forgotten, I bought the boost but got only two matches. Don't purchase anything. It's been 6 months since I bought it.

I have not been able use the app, it keeps freezing on my Galaxy S20+. I tried to remove/reinstall but no success. It's very expensive. I opened it in 5 minutes. To see who you like, you must pay $25 per month. If you don't pay, then the person "liking" you won't know.