CCV Mobile App for PC

CCV Mobile App for PC

Take CCV with you anywhere you go; on both your phone and tablet.

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AuthorChrist's Church of the Valley

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About CCV Mobile App For PC

The old app was great, but I love this new one. It's great that you can simply click on any verse of the bible during worship and it will take me there. There's no need to toggle between the CCV and my Bible apps anymore. The new version is amazing.

It's a wonderful feeling to be able to see the things I have missed even though I cannot make it all the way to CCV. Missing out makes me feel unfulfilled. It is amazing!

It's great that the service notes are stored in the app. They can be accessed at any time. It is very informative and easy to use.

It won't let me finish the sermon notes. There are only 4 lines and then it goes away ....? Are there any plans to update this app? I was wondering if anybody else has issues.

I love that CCV integrates technology. But, my tablet should be my primary device. The questions will not load on my tablet.

Although it works, the app is still slow on my new phone. I wish this app worked as well on iOS.

It's amazing! This means you don't have to search for a pen anymore! It also automatically saves all your notes. It's great that you can view the sermon even if I am not there.

I'm glad they have finally created an andriod application. We are grateful to CCV, for considering us without itunes. You guys rock!! !

This can be used to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe! Win, Train, Send. Thank you CCV for including us "Android" users. Because we are blessed because God is our foundation, we can be a nation of blessings. When we place God first, He will keep us in his grace. Spread the Good News.