Cast to TV & Chromecast for PC

Cast to TV & Chromecast for PC

Cast Video, Music, Photo to TV with Chromecast, FireTV, Roku, or Apple TV

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About Cast to TV & Chromecast For PC

The app does not recognize the TV for files. It only opens the screen-mirroring application of the same system. Another screen-sharing junk app

It worked fine. All of the sudden, videos from my phone start playing and then it restarts randomly. The same happens after I have uninstalled the program, deleted the cache and cleared all data. It used to work flawlessly. I bought the pro version. It's now taking up too much space on my smartphone because it is useless.

It's great! I love it. If you can use it properly, it will be a joy. But it only works when you put your mind to it.

It's great! I downloaded it, many Cast to view 2K movies and videos. They doesn't work, lots of ads, but this one works perfectly.

Although I don't usually leave reviews on this product, it is excellent. The browser function is great and it works straight out of the package. You can minimize the browser and charge your phone while streaming is controlled by the remote. Even though I purchased the pro version, I am yet to use it. The free version is the only one I'm reviewing, so that says a lot.

It's my first experience with this kind of app and I'd like to tell you that I find it to be a winner for everyone who uses it.

This app is one of many I have tried. This app is easy to use and has a better picture quality than any other I have tried.

All the apps I tried didn't work. It is easy to use and very intuitive. It's finally available on my large screen. Yes, I am. Thankyou! Thank you so much!

Although there were some problems with the app, it is now back in perfect working order.

You can use it while your other apps are open.

This app is amazing!

It worked great for one day, but then it stopped working.

Some formats of video are compatible with my smart-tv directly linked. To stream commercial-type and live news feeds, I'll need another app. However, the video formats that play on my smart tv are high quality and have great audio quality. It was difficult to understand the remote control functions at first. But I soon got used to it. A solid five.

It's easy to use. It doesn't matter if there is an ad. It plays whatever I choose to see. Castify, you are a great guy.

It's amazing! It takes some patience. Although it is not easy, once you learn how to navigate the app and launch it. You'll be able activate the app and access it. Entertainment experiences.