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The carbon clinic was my best visit to a hospital. There are many doctors who could help the world, and they deserve our gratitude.

It freezes quite often. There could be many reasons, but it is worth the effort to send a message on this app.

Terrible! Go in to get the tests. You cannot see the test results from them on your portal. Instead, you will need to contact the call center to get the results. No one uploads proper paperwork for school/work. No one answers the telephone. messaged go unanswered. This is my first experience with this company. They don't do their job. They deserve zero stars. This is the most useless company I know.

Online booking was made for a next-day PCR test. The appointment was confirmed. I was reminded by the APP to make my visit on time. Problem was, the clinic didn't have my appointment! As a result, I had to go in for a test that was more costly. It was a terrible experience. It's garbage if the software database does not sync with real data.

Carbon Health, Northwest Reno, NV was excellent. They were professional, polite and provided prompt medical care. My visit to Urgent Care was made easy by the staff who checked me in and my nurse, my lab technician, and doctor. I would recommend them without reservation.

Apps frequently crash. It crashes constantly and I cannot view or edit my address. No UI feedback, can't delete credit cards or old addresses. Developer Response: Although I had the most recent version, I ended up using it. However, the app still crashes.

It is a terrible app. The password reset link for healthcare apps does not work. This makes it one of the most frustrating user experiences you can have. If you have an immediate timeline, do not use the app.

This app is amazing! It allows you to make appointments and get laboratory results back. You also have all the information/ notes that were taken during your visit. And, it can be used as a communication tool by sending a message or text to your doctor. It is super simple!

I made a same-day appointment through the app and went to the closest clinic to me. When I arrived, my name had already been added to the computer's monitor. The staff was extremely helpful and linked my Carbon account to my insurance. They also made every effort to reduce my copay. They are straight-forward and honest professionals. There is no incentive to have additional labs or medical equipment. To make more from my visit. App responses are quick and efficient. Thanks!

Mesaage function is quite bad. The app is not very useful and has a limited functionality. Carbon is a good company, but not for the customers.

Invest more in quality assurance for your app and website. Some functions seem not to work properly, are slow or lag frequently. It took me far too long to set up appointments and fill out subscriptions. I was either waiting to see if it would load or trying to figure out why the error messages were not making sense. You aren't your users! !


Although the professional that I met was great, the app is a pain when it comes to filling Rx. It closes the moment I attempt to send. Need Rx if you are not happy.

Perfection. Clean. There is no waiting. Caring Physicians. It's what I need! It's what I want! This is what I need!

It doesn't work with android phones. Every time I open the app, it crashes. This is frustrating because Carbon Health encourages patients to use it and shows how they can follow-up on their progress. This app does nothing! !