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A powerful Real-time Monitoring Security APP

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Can I revert to an earlier version of the software? This version was just updated because of a new home camera. The app crashes every time! It was a 4-star app, but it's now a 2-star. Help me, I love you guys.

The app has fewer settings than the desktop app. You will need the missing settings in the Android app. The App can easily add settings such as Night View on/off, Volume/Mic On/Off and a few other options.

This app is great. This app is a bit more flexible than Camhi and allows for more control over the live view of PTZ cameras.

I was constantly stressed trying to fix the camera so that it would not stop working. Ie Geek camera

Overall, this app is stable and reliable on my iOS as well as Android devices. However connectivity to the latest update has been poor. Although cams work as intended, accessing them can be very difficult. We will put the stable version back up on our app store until this is fixed. This issue could cause you to lose customers. The app is now a joke. It was a shame, as it did work for quite a while.

A double speed play or quad speed play feature would be great. I also would like for it to connect faster to my camera without having to turn it off and restart it.

Upgrade the software. It's not a good idea to have four cameras but can only view one on this screen.

Problem with email detection messages I have rechecked my Gmail settings, but it is still not working. App/Server is causing the problem.

I keep getting network anomalies and can't connect with the camera. It used to be working fine, but I can't get to the camera.

It took me an entire morning to set it up, but I still don't think this is right. Both cameras will be returned to me. Two cameras were brought to my house, one each for the rear and the other for the front. It took 4 hours to put up, and it still isn't done! This needs to be fixed. It will make the setup far easier and more efficient for end users. These were a bad purchase, but I bought them on recommendation. IE Geek can help. They are great cameras, but the setup is difficult.

It is a constant disconnector, even though you are wired in. If you hear outside noises you cannot immediately see what it means and must wait for up to 10 minutes. It's a terrible app

It's not clear why this app is so popular. The app works perfectly with Chortau cameras. This isn't the app you were expecting. Although it takes some time to learn the cameras and configure them, it all works perfectly once you're done.

It will just open up in a matter of seconds and it will blank away. Edit-Working good now. I'm not sure what has changed, but thank you! Re-edit - Apologies for my initial bad review. This app does not like developer mode and will shut down if it is enabled. It's not the fault of app developers.

This app definitely needs to be improved. This app's iegeek camera records only 15m clips at a time. To review the clips, you must first download each one at a time. You can't miss any clip. It's not good! The same procedure applies to converting video into watchable format. This task requires bulk downloads and conversions. However, it is not provided! The app stops recording as soon as any function is performed! This is what you need to do! Please!

Red bar not showing where the incident occurred. Reset camera, but no red bars are showing on the video for incidents detected.