Brother P-touch Design&Print for PC

Brother P-touch Design&Print for PC

Brother P-touch Design&Print

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About Brother P-touch Design&Print For PC

All the bugs. It was not possible to connect for a while. In the event of permanent failure, I will not accept any risk in installing a newer version.

It would be great if the printing sequence of numbers was simple. It would be wonderful if black ink could come out printed black and not grey

It requires invasive permissions which do not make any sense. It is not clear why the app shouldn't allow me to print labels from my phone without accessing storage and location data.

The app is great and necessary to print with the Ptouch printer. The biggest problem, probably the only, is that you throw away 25mm of each print. This is a very strange practice that I cannot understand and was hoping to see an improvement. This is a 5-star product.

It works great and has a clutzy interface. Solid app that always works. It's a complete disaster! Privacy concerns, suspicious permissions, the possibility of downloading it without my authorization, erasing my label library, and... It doesn't work! It doesn't work! This is basic, funny, and it does the job.

This is a very nice product. Although I wish there were more options for label design, overall I love it!

Notification just came that my update was required. After I had updated the app and attempted to print, it asked me to turn on location settings. Brother would need to know my location even though I have a bluetooth connection with my printer. No more spyware.

Every time I try to add an image, the app crashes. The last update did not change anything about this. Which image types is the app supposed to accept? Compression, resolution? Although it seems to be able to handle photos with similar parameters, the clip art that has those same parameters will crash it. Update: The Brother P-touch 2 App finally supports custom monochrome, png images. It will likely just stay the same.

Unfortunately, this rating is not good enough due to an issue with the program and the inability to get a response from the developer. It's been 3 weeks since I last tried yesterday. We'll see. We'll see. Even with the Pandemic, Brother must do better. 2021/03/25 10 months later, still no response. It's worth a 1, but it isn't enough. Hardware is amazing.

It is easy to use the app with my Ptouch Cube Plus. Quickly, I am able to pull out my cube and connect it with my app. A printed label is ready in just a few minutes.

It could be even better. Although sizing can be a problem, there's always too much waste. They still waste way more than I use, no matter what I do to the tape or spacing. You can't customize pre-made labels.

Do not purchase this product. This device can jam very easily and is extremely wasteful. The app is also very poor. To print, it needs permissions for location. It doesn't need location permissions to print.

The app can replace URLs printed in barcodes by redirecting through Brother servers. You can be tracked to see who scans QR codes labels and what time. This is unacceptable! You can print the QR code by creating it elsewhere and then embed it in an image.

Although the app works well, I only use it to create labels using the default fonts. It takes a while for the app to load if you have poor internet connectivity. Sometimes I have to switch off my WiFi to allow the app launch at a level where it can create labels. An app should be able to create labels regardless of whether it is connected to the internet.

This app does not require access to a Bluetooth device via location services. The current way the app works is that the permission to use location services will be denied and the app will stop functioning.