Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker for PC

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker for PC

Brave makes your browsing experience faster and safer with a built-in adblock

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About Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker For PC

We went in for antibiotics, and were given an emergency procedure by the dentist. It was one of the most pleasant experiences we've had.

This browser is my favorite! It's the most secure and fast browser I have ever used. This browser needs a way to open external links. It is a big request.

Although it's good, there are no tab groups. It's a bit frustrating to find the correct tabs due to an unprofessional tab layout. Please fix this 2!

Excellent, fast and private browser! This is a great job. It could be the most efficient mobile browser I have ever used.

Brave is much more enjoyable than Firefox and all of the Firefox variants for web surfing. Brave Browser is a great browser. However, it could be set to adjust the brightness independently of other settings. c some sites are so dim it's impossible to read them clearly. My battery drains quickly when I use the brightness settings. Thank you so much for your secure browser. *

Would love to attach a screenshot showing all trackers Brave has sent to Google. I'm sure that everyone who uses this app trusts google with their privacy. What is the difference between a private web browser and a public company when sharing your data? I would love to explore without having my review censored. STILL, NO REPLY. STILL NOT A REPLY.

My favorite thing about brave is the fact that it is free of ads and every website is free of ads. My web surfing and video viewing are effortless.

This app is amazing! It's one of my favorite apps. It works well on my smartphone, but it is terrible on Chromebook. So it's good to know that Linux installation is possible.

This app has the following features: Type a URL in and it will default to Google Search. DO NOT DOWNLOAD GOOGLE OWNED in this way.

Brave offers a seamless and smooth browsing experience. Brave was advertised in an advertisement and I thought it would be a great ad blocking tool. I bought it so that I could try it. Since then, I have been using it. This browser is amazing. I thought it was worth a mention.

Excellent app. One issue is that it can sometimes make the YouTube video fullscreen, or put the content at the bottom of the screen. I would recommend it for all other things!

After experiencing problems with spam tabs, I tried everything I could to fix it. Finally, I had to reset my phone. Brave, being a secure browser, should have an easy way to deal with such issues. For example, I can flag/block/report the opening tab that opens to spam pages. Is that really possible? Let's not forget about the complete absence of customer service... It beats Chrome.

This browser is great for cutting unwanted ads quickly and efficiently. They also pay for ads that you see. Recommended.

It was a bit frustrating to have to update brave on my phone. The interface is a bit clunky. It takes a while to load, and certain buttons don't work until you refresh.

If you are looking for Page Previews but don't like AdBlock, this is a great alternative to Firefox. I was disappointed with the tab page's basic functionality, particularly after looking at the tab group options and custom tabs in the settings. It took me a while to get them enabled. The tab page offers features that don't exist, which is a bit misleading. Android does not support extension.