Bose Connect for PC

Bose Connect for PC

Bose Connect unlocks the full potential of your Bose Bluetooth® Product.

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About Bose Connect For PC

Bose cannot get into party mode for work. I know this isn't the issue.

My device is not found in the App It doesn't matter what I try, it will not work. The app is not very helpful and I am disappointed in the headphones. They are limited in functionality. The headphones pair very well and I can't understand why the app is not working. Would have loved to read reviews before I bought.

Although it's fine, equaliser control through the app would be much appreciated. Sometimes it is difficult to find my headphones fast.

This app is very useful. You can use it to control the noise cancellation and choose which device you want to connect from. This app also allowed me to update the firmware.

Had a lot issues with my QC35 headphones. The apps firmware update on my headphones fixed them and allowed me to manage a lot more aspects of my headphones that I could not before.

Recently, I upgraded to a Pixel 6a smartphone and experienced major difficulties with connecting to my Bose QC352 II Headpones. This app proved to be the best way to do it. This app allows you to pair your headphones (or clear any devices that have been connected). I discovered this after my headphones stopped allowing pairing. It was luckily that I had an unpaired device, so I could access the app and choose from pairing options. Excellent app but glitchy hardware

It's been 2 years since I used BOSE Soundsport. But now it disconnects in 5 minutes. Please help me.

The headset should have an option to adjust the level of noise cancellation that is activated when it turns on. It defaults to high, which can be annoying if the headset isn't used in noisy environments. The app should be able change the default setting or to keep track of the settings and be able use those.

It sounds great. Since the 1970's, I have been using bose since my first 901's. My opinion, the best sounding equipment.

It's a bummer. This app is clunky, intrusive and annoying. It will want to know your personal information and your exact location. This has nothing to do with the operation of a speaker. One more special data mining.

Excellent sound quality from a great speaker company. It is loud and reliable. It can be carried around easily. It's important to remember it. Maybe you could use an extra case made of rubberized mesh? One has not been necessary for me.

Bose is always at the forefront of technology. Bose's app makes it simple to connect my speaker to an Android smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer. We appreciate your high quality products and excellent service.

Since the update, which made it impossible to connect to one speaker from your phone and turn them on separately, this has only gotten worse. This is frustrating because when I connect my speakers for party mode, the speaker that was connected will turn itself off immediately after being turned on. I need to charge the charger to get it back on. It acts as if it is completely dead, even though it has a full charge.

The app is completely useless. This app is absolutely useless. I need to be able to use my headphones to update my software. However, my headphones are smart enough to automatically connect to my tablet but they won't let me access the app.

Glitchy doesn't always work. The app doesn't allow you to use expensive speakers. To play music from a speaker, you don't need to download an app. This is a low score.