Booking Revolution for PC

Booking Revolution for PC

Instead of taking shots in the ring, start calling the shots backstage!

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This game was a joy to play... This game is a great one. I have been playing it for many years. You should add more moves to wrestling (e.g styles clash and double chickenwing smash) as well as a women's champion.

This is a great game, but what if you have some spare time? You can go on a fieldtrip to enjoy sake. It would also be fun to do backstage brawls besides the promotional brawls. We should be able return home to see the city.

I wish I could give 0 stars, BUT I BOUGHT THE UPSTAGE YEARS AGO. NOW I'm trying to restore my purchase. #SCAMM

Update: This afternoon, I reached out to the Devs by email. The Devs were quick to respond and offered to help me. The appendectomy game is quite old and they have done everything possible to fix it. Nonetheless, they went out of their way for the right reasons. They went above and beyond the expectations of other developers.

The game is great, but please add a new option: surprice superstar

This game is my favorite. I also love all the other games that mdickie makes. You should definitely check out WWE Revolution 3D. It's an awesome bop.

Your games have been great for me, I absolutely love them. But please make ....... more fun games. I am a huge fan of your games.

Although your games are my favorite, I would like to suggest that you could make an entire life with a carrier such as band or wrestling. You have a lot of map and free time to explore the world.

Since I was 8 years old, have been playing Dickie-style games. I'm 15. I love this one the most out of all his games. You don't need an upgrade for this Dickie game to change matches or characters. Easy and fun game

It was very enjoyable.

2. Stars are now, because the game is still frozen. Pls can create your own roster. To add new characters To create more characters. However, I need to be able to continue. I want my progress saved so that I can go back where I am. Please stop the game freezing and fix it quickly

This game was a great one. This might be my favourite mobile game. I can't move or do anything on the phone because it doesn't show up in the match mode. This needs to be fixed.

Great game, but I am not getting high ratings despite having 5 stars shows. My profits are also negative at 70.000.

The final decision is up to you. To take the belt, they will need to climb the ladder and press G.