Bloons Adventure Time TD for PC

Bloons Adventure Time TD for PC

Defend Ooo from the Bloon invasion in this epic tower defense crossover.

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Authorninja kiwi

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About Bloons Adventure Time TD For PC

Amazing! The only issue I have with this game is that they spam me with camo balloons. They send them out in huge groups and you have only 2 towers with the power to handle them. More towers are needed to be able to see the camo to stop them from sending them. Camo=stupid 0 stars. It's not true.

This is a fun spin on the Btd series. Recommend

It won't allow me to play the game anymore. It freezes every time I try to launch the game.

I get slapped every time princess bubblegum tries to teach me how to use the sword.

This game should be uninstalled at lv 55. Free map is now complete. It's not worth buying an extra character to create a new map. BTD6 can be purchased for the same price as 1 character.

Tower Games is a favorite of mine and I have played many games in this style. This game was great to me, but I would like to see a major update. This game is almost over, and I am getting tired.

It won't start at all. It has been uninstalled, updated and installed again several times. This is a shame, as I loved this game.

It keeps crashing every time the news feed tries to load. I enjoyed the game! It keeps crashing when I try to load it again, I uninstalled it and it still happens. Please fix it so that I can get a better rating.

The game is a mix of adventure time and TD games. It's a great combination. The feature that allows you to see an advertisement to increase speed or give double rewards is only available about 10% of time. It doesn't start or plays until the end, but it never ends. In either case I do not get my reward and must restart the app. This is an extremely serious problem that affects the first world, however it does not stop me from wishing for a solution.

This is a very enjoyable game. However, they need to lower the prices of characters during the games.

This game is amazing. However, i am very disappointed that the Galaxy S10 crashes mid-game. I can get it to crash three times in a level.

This game is super fun. This game is great. I love every level. They should make super Mario Bloons, or other video game collaborations. I believe it will be a huge hit. It will be fun, just like Bloons and zombies. What are you waiting to do? Download the Adventure Times Bloons Monkey Collaboration Game now. It's well worth the effort. Every level is exciting and offers new characters as well as power upgrades. You are welcome to join me.

Because I lost so much time and couldn't get it back, I decided to change my mind.

It is simply incredible. I can't describe how it feels.

Although it's an entertaining tower defense game, it keeps bombarding you with ads. After a while, the levels become harder than your level which makes it less fun.