Blazing 7s™ Casino Slots - Free Slots Online for PC

Blazing 7s™ Casino Slots - Free Slots Online for PC

Play the HOTTEST slot machines in this all new authentic 3-reel slots app!

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About Blazing 7s™ Casino Slots - Free Slots Online For PC

Because I respect the Play Store and love them, I won't reveal the truth. However, they got me hundreds of dollars over 12 years. They never paid me back. I loved this game when I was younger but covid has made it seem that this game wants your money.

You said you would reimburse me for some credits, but I was told I could only play on the guest-side. I had lost my entire credit from your closing down. I don't want to lose any more. Please answer me.

It used to be possible to play this game on my smartphone, but it now appears as a blank screen. So disappointed

Blazing 7's can be a fun and realistic game. In June 2022 however, facebook went down and I lost 3.5million coins. I'm not sure how many levels. The loss of coins and the levels has been unexplained. It's my hope that I will get my coins and levels back.

It's funny how you can have as little as 8 million and the next fish games will take it all. You took my coins and made me lose out.

I can't get the Blazing 7s Casino Slots. What is the problem? You could play the slots all day. This is my favorite. Please investigate the issue. Please fix the problem.

This game is my favourite. I play it almost every day. It relaxes me. I am still playing it on my smartphone. This game is great.

Please report this bug. When I press the back button (the in-game button back) to exit back home, it makes a loud noise, and stops functioning until I spin again the slot. Then, I can exit to the home menu.

It won't load. It wouldn't load when my friend tried to install it on Aug 1, 2022. I don't know what to do with the game. Do you know anything?

It was a game I loved. I didn't get any bonuses.

It was a great app, I loved it until the second day. It is now frozen. I can no longer use the app. I spent quite a bit of money and am really upset about this. I have emailed Revised. Let's wait to see if the company will reimburse me for my credits and Revised levels. It has been five days since I emailed the company.

I haven't had the chance to play for 3 days. All my days will end when the sun finally rises again.

Blazing 7 Casino slot does not work on my iPhone. There seems to be an issue and it isn't loading. I am addicted to this slot and would really appreciate it if it worked. I tried restarting my phone many times but the slot only loaded partially and then stopped. Please troubleshoot to find out what happened.

Your game is out of date. Many other slot machines have all of their slots available, regardless of your level. Although this was my favourite, it's not a fun game to play. House of Fun Slots offer a 10x better experience. It is very difficult to win coins in this slot. They disappear quickly, even when I purchase them. This slot is no longer available to me. It's very boring! To reach other levels it would take many years! This slot game needs to be changed! To open more slots, it will take twenty years! !

These are by far the most horrible slots that I have ever seen! $500 minimum bet?? Lol. They pay you and then give it back to you along with the other! DON'T WASTE ANY TIME! THESE SLOTS MUST BE REMOVED !