BlackBerry Content Transfer for PC

BlackBerry Content Transfer for PC

Use the BlackBerry Content Transfer app to switch to your new PRIV by BlackBerry

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About BlackBerry Content Transfer For PC

It won't allow me to transfer. Instead, it tells me that I must update. It wouldn't allow me to update so I removed the program and installed it again. Nothing.

BlackBerry can make Blackberry's desktop simar ti the same way we made BB OS's sync with Android phones, and for those who are PAYING for apps.

It worked exactly as it was supposed to, provided you are able to use it properly and there is no other Bozos below. Everything was transferred easily from my BlackBerry Priv to the new BlackBerry Motion. This app is amazing. It has been used since Z10 (Passport), Dtek, Dtek, PrIV, and the Motion. It will continue to be used until I buy another BlackBerry phone.

Useless. Thank you so much. I was able to move my personal items from my Q10 into my blackberry Keyone. Not even worth one star! !

Useless. It wouldn't even transfer anything, despite all the attempts. It just said to me that I needed to update my app for the other device, and it then closed.

Although it was easy to transfer data from my Note 4 BlackBerry Priv, I am limited to just 2000 text messages. No MMS! The MMS text appears, but the attached pic/video does not. What is this app supposed to be used for? There are many apps that can transfer SMS/MMS content without losing photos or duplicating conversations. "SMS Backup and Restore" is a better alternative. It does all you need and more. Perhaps you can learn some tips from this app...

It failed to work multiple times. When I entered 1234 as a password on my blackberry, and then put it in again on my new device, it said that the passwords didn't match. I don't want to have to remember my password for private WiFi.

It's not clear to me why this program was created. I still have my Blackberry 10 phones with 20,000 text, picture and text messages. I cannot get these over to the new Blackberry 10. I need something better. The original content transfer does not allow for 3500 SMS text. This is absurd. You need something that can transfer your stuff to the Android phones.

Some contacts don't sync. Same for pictures. I tried the Google method but it didn't work. I now have 1200 contacts and only 900 synced. When I log on to my Z10, it tells me it's transferring 1300 photos. Then, once sync is complete, they show 900 photo transferred...

No, no, NO! Don't try to transfer stuff from your BlackBerry to Android. It's a waste of time. I tried everything and ended up purchasing Wondershare Mobile Trans. It is the only solution that actually worked, but it's still a hassle to use. It worked. This is a bad idea.

It's great for switching from blackberry to another smartphone brand, but it is really frustrating if you want to return to blackberry. Two of my phones are now broken. BLACKBERRY priv is HORRIIBLE

This app made it much easier to transfer my BlackBerry 10 phone from the old device to the Priv. Not all my songs were successfully transferred, unfortunately.

It didn't work. A small sample of my items transferred about 90%. My life now is thrown into chaos by two incompleto devices.

This made it so easy to switch from Passport to BB10 and BlackDroid. It is very easy to use. You can also get new updates.

Keep prompting me to upgrade the app on my previous device and then proceed. It doesn't work with the latest version of App.