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BankMobile App for PC

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I received my University refund in this account. This bank made it very difficult for me to withdraw the money to my personal account. They also don't offer any transfer options and charge a 3 Dollar maintenance fee each month. I am really frustrated

Overall, I was not impressed by bank mobile. I signed up for financial assistance and wished that my bank mobile could have symlinked to it. It costs money to cash in your card and get additional funds. It is absurd to transfer funds from your bank mobile account. I connected my bank account for personal funds to deposit funds, but the funds have not been available for five days.

Poor app and terrible service. The company is slow, and they will keep my money for longer periods without making the necessary release of funds. This is a racist garage that employs only Hindu/Indian workers. We all know about how racist Indians with regard to their caste system etc. The bank needs to be investigated immediately. This matter will continue to be my concern until justice is done. This time, BM Tech fucked with the wrong one and I will be writing about it until justice is served.

This is an excellent App. The creators have done a great job putting everything together. Keep up the great work. Bravo!

The best customer service, bank, and app are the best. It has everything that you need from a bank account.

They are not worth it. I worked with them almost four years. I never disputed any transactions. However, they closed my account the next day and claimed they had sent me a cheque on October 22nd. Now it's the 28th. I haven't heard from him since then. Their cs are horrible.

The app is only used to check my balance. It is easily visible. It's easy to see. It's easy to log in. The card does not allow for easy transfers, such as zelle or snap. These are still available for within-bank transfers and chip transactions. All other transactions will incur a fee.

It was so easy to create my account and profile. The checking and savings accounts both earn an apy. It doesn't allow me to transfer it to cash via this app. I suppose what I'd have to do would be to add my mobile bank card to the cash app, just like with regular bank cards. It also sends me texts notifications whenever I buy something, or when my purchase is updated. (tips included).

Tried to get a pending payment stopped/overridden....was told that was not possible because the merchant had 5 business days to collect the funds. Zelle was the "merchant", which has a different set of issues and doesn't HOLD MONEY. Terrible customer service.

Basic use of the app is simple. The app layout is simple for basic use. However, every time I want to transfer money from my savings or checking account, it turns off. I have to wait until the next banking day. You can't set up an auto-processing transfer or schedule it for banking hours.

They have the perfect place to keep all my million dollars...I am so grateful that they can hold all the silver ingots and gold bullion I have. Thanks Bank Mobile! I need you to be the pirate in my life! When I needed to deposit 700 pounds of gold bars, or even the full-size statue in solid gold, Bank Mobile never asked me any questions. !

My only gripe is the downtime required for maintenance.

If you do not fix problems quickly, customers will leave.

The login page doesn't appear at all. I'm trying to access my money, but I don't know how. It's fixed.

Most times, there is no problem. Today, however, both the website and app won't load. It's possible that it is a technical problem, but this issue has been causing a lot of frustration for users.