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It's amazing. This app allows you to be the clerk even if you aren't able to go. It allows me to order parts and get them quickly from the convenience of my own home. It's hard to ask for more when you get credits and coupons that can be used towards your order. My order increased from 150 to 120 by using the coupons and credits. This might seem like a lot, but when you consider that gas is $3.50 or more and that a package of chicken wings costs over $12 dollars per pack, it's quite a bit.

Love the app and the weekly ads. It's so easy to find the right parts for me vehicle.

You can not use the rewards that you have earned for in-store pickup online purchases. It's absurd that reward points can be earned online, but I have to visit the store in order to purchase. It's absurd. I do not understand it.

Need to get the store count updated faster.. No one answers the phone. It isn't fun driving on 2022 while wasting gas.

It's a good app, but sometimes you don't get the right part.

After a while of being absent, this app becomes garbage. I try to log in but my password isn't working. I then enter my email again to retrieve my password. It says it doesn’t recognize my email. However, when I attempt to sign up for a new account it tells me that my existing email has an account.

After spending over $20 5 times, I received a $20 free. Now I have no $20 in my account. Then they stopped me from trying to use it again because the system was down. It sounds like a huge scam. I'll never go back to AutoZone.

Rob M, the guy at the central middletown location in middletown is one of the most friendly and helpful people I've ever seen. I want to thank you both for your great service.

You can't go wrong with AutoZone. Quality parts for a low price. I use AutoZone every day. The app has many other cool features, such as self-diagnosing my car and many more. The app is worth a try

Sloooow. The app works well, although it's slow. It took over 30 seconds for the app to show me my shopping cart.

Pro tip: Look through the instructions manuals of your vehicle's engine. It's almost like having the Chilton's manual on your smartphone.

For years, Autozone has been my number one choice for parts and accessories for cars. They are always helpful, and I get the part that I want at an affordable price.

AutoZone will order the part faster than any app. It does not include any assistance for part searching.

This app is amazing. This app does all I want it to. Everything I search for is unique to the vehicle that is kept in storage. The barcode scanner is a great tool that allows me to quickly look up prices while in the shop.

Terrible company. I placed an order online for parts, but I never received an email saying that I would be able to pick them up. The store did not know when I could pick them up, so I phoned. Because it stated that all the items were in stock, I decided to cancel my order. They have not given me my money back for 11 days. They lie and steal. My money is not mine, but I'd be happy to leave a ZERO star rating. It was a terrible waste of money and time. All of you should be ashamed.