Appen Mobile Recorder for PC

Appen Mobile Recorder for PC

Use this app to record data for Appen.

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AuthorAppen Pty. Ltd.

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About Appen Mobile Recorder For PC

I don't know what it was, but the page for projects is blank. I can't do any of it. 5/29: Assigned to another project. Redownloaded the app but it still does not work.

It was so easy to log in and finish my projects. Although uploading videos takes some time, I've been able complete my projects.

Can't view projects. The App was downloaded. Appen Connect email was used to login and I followed the instructions in the email. Nothing happened when the project was loaded. It just displayed a blank screen and offered logging out.

Logging in it doesn't show any projects or work after that. It just shows a blank page. However, it does show that I have applied to fix the problem.

Uncivilized People!!! The App they offer is fake. They will ask you to install the app again to obtain the project. However, after declaring, all you'll see is logout. Frustrating. Fake, and extremely uncivilized.

It doesn't work and won't allow me to view my projects. I don't even have wifi issues. I get at least 50MBPS and it's the only person using it. It's a useless app

My account was activated in my laptop. Also, I received an email confirming that AMR can be used to start working. However, when I try to log in it tells me that my account has been deleted

App claims that my AppenConnect account is inactive. However, I just verified it and my account logs in fine.

The terms and conditions pages are not clear for me. An error message says that Appen cannot be connected to. It has been happening for several months.

It has not allowed me to go beyond the terms and conditions. The server will not be connected to. The company tells me that I should try it again. It has been four months. It won't connect.

The app has been downloaded several times, and every time that I attempt to log in, it shows an error message saying it can't connect to the Appen Server. I really hope somebody is reading this review.

The app is horrible and cannot connect to the appen server. When you ask for help, they tell you to delete the app and reinstall it. I've done this over five times with no luck.

It was as if app was hanging while I clicked at the job. After a while, it said thank you for the job. The job was not done by me. This has happened several times. If this issue is solved, the app will work fine.

My account has been inactive since days and my projects are pending. I am unable to log in.

I haven't been capable of getting past the terms and conditions for several days. This error, which according to reviews has been going on for almost two months, caused me to miss more than one project as well as some $$$.