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It is a shame that ads take up 1/3 of my screen. My living room television should not be used as a billboard.

The forced advertisements on Nvidia Shield Pro's home screen are disgusting. This is not something I paid for. Every time it turns on, it makes me mad. You are crazy. One million stars less

It is scandalous to force users to see ads for services that they don't subscribe to. It is also shown on nearly 60% of screen, which is a disgraceful fact. This made me feel strongly about Google as a company.

You are now wasting a lot of screen space by having a top-bar that you can't configure. You will be repeatedly shown ads for apps that you don't have installed.

I absolutely hate the new update. It always displays ads on your home screen and there is no way to turn them off. This interface used to be great, but it is now a disaster.

My ShieldTV was not affected by the Android TV Launcher's newest version for a long time and that made me happy. Google finally released this horrible new version for my ShieldTV. Anyone who decided we should have ads for services that I do not subscribe to prominently in my face, should be burned to hell. My ShieldTV was full-price, and I don't have an ad-supported device. I also do not appreciate having these "promos" shoved in my face. This travesty must stop or else I will switch to another launcher. Aren't all these negative reviews clear that this is not the Android TV user's choice? You guys insist on imposing this obviously unattractive design upon customers of AndroidTV devices.

There are now large ads at the top of the screen since the update. It is annoying and impossible to disable.

My Nvidia Shield now shows apps on my home screen because of the updates to this application. Google must fix this

Change and upgrade the Android TV Launcher to something new and more modern. Since November 16, 2017, this Launcher has not been updated. This was four years ago. It's 2021, so please change it now. While it's fine right now, you can make things even better by updating the Android TV OS launcher. Google developers, please do that.

Sony Android TV was expensive. The old Android TV interface worked well. Google has made a drastic change to their home screen. They have introduced a lot of advertisements for content from services I don't own and can't disable.

Pay us if you need us to view ads. Do not make us pay more than $200 to get even more revenue. If things do not change, we will be changing the brands.

Nvidia Shield TV forces Google ads to be displayed on Android TV's home screen. These ads are sexy, disgusting and not acceptable for social reasons. There is no way to disable. If you are considering cutting cords, be careful! #Nvidia #CordCutting #Streaming #AndroidTV @NVIDIASHIELD

Ads are annoying enough. But there are some ads I don't like so they take up screen space.

This Ads destroyed my Nvidia Shield. I'm furious that there is no way to disable them. This device cost me almost 200 dollars! Advertisements should be blocked! They aren’t child-friendly. We should be able at least to disable inappropriate ads or set parental ratings.

It was fine for a few years, but ads for services that I do not use or wish to have now take up 60% of my Nvidia Shield TV's screen. There is no way to turn it off. Google is becoming insanely greedy. Wolf Launcher was installed to fix the issue. This means I don't need to use this trash again.