Among Us for PC

Among Us for PC

Join your crewmates in a multiplayer game of teamwork and betrayal!

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AuthorInnerSloth LLC

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I can't go with my friend, or do anything else. And i bought pets WITH MONEY.

Because I love it, I love between us. I also like the imposter. The engineer can vent to me so that he can vent when the lmposter is killing another person.

This is just my personal opinion. Playing this game with others is a way to ensure that you and your friends are safe. Trust issues can be hurt by a game that involves deception and trust.

Random lobby names have ruined the game You can't safely play with certain host/usernames. You can't locate hide-n–seek and shift-n–seek games. Modified games. The game was unsafe and ruined by this update. The next update does not include a solution for random lobby names. Devs place cosmetics above player safety.

Although this game is fantastic, it needs some improvements. It should be possible to select between different age groups to avoid being stuck with children who aren't familiar enough to use the game. You should be able to report two servers if they have unusual given names. Three, the option to manually invite friends that you have made on the game.

It's great to play when it is possible! It's so glitchy, and it freezes all the time! It was so slow! I tried to update it just a minute ago, but that didn't work.

A decent game is best when you have a friend or server to play with. It can be risky to play in public lobbies. It's still a little glitchy but it isn't too bad. It can be a little annoying sometimes.

Cant even play it. When i attempt to play, it stops responding. It was a joy to use, but it is now impossible for me to open.

Sometimes, when I went online to play, i noticed that there was nothing in my character's attire. When i joined in an random game, i realized my character is not visible. They can still see me. But in my screen, it's invisible.

There are many bugs. Every time i open the game, the bar does not move. It's been two years since the problem I am having has not been fixed. It's not a hardware problem, it just seems to be intermittent. You can ignore this issue and continue playing the game, but I really want to play it for some time.

It is not what I like about quick chat. I would love for them to make it easier to type what I have to say.

Keep the conversation going. If you can't understand/defend yourself, it's impossible to bond with others. I played it because of this. The game used to be so much of a lot of fun. It's now just meh. If the chat is not back, I will not be installing. Sorry.

Bug! Bug! If there are seven or nine players on the server, I cannot join them. I have to join two or three others.

This game was great! It had a lot of fun features and chat. However, the updated made it impossible to play and caused disconnections. Fix it.

Although the trick package states it is owned, it will not let me purchase more and there are no options for me to add it. The same goes for the snack package.