Addons for Minecraft for PC

Addons for Minecraft for PC

Fun and unique Add-Ons, maps, and minigames for Minecraft

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AuthorKayen Works

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About Addons for Minecraft For PC

It was great on my iPhone and I found it to be amazing.

This app is great. There are no ads and only three buttons that you can click. Sometimes it may be 5 but it works for me. Also, I don’t count scrolling down or searching up 2. The mods sometimes don’t work on my mobile.

This app worked well before. I tried it once, but it now says it cannot connect to network. I have 5G internet and WIFI. I requested @Kayen Works to fix it ASAP. The app is amazing.

This app is the most useful for Minecraft mobile. Every time I need add-ons, I go straight to it. It's reliable, and always finds what I want.

Horrible app. I got a lot of MODS, then when I tried to download another, all the mods disappeared and they failed, horribly !!!!! !

This app is a great addon that allows you to have survival houses and mods in Minecraft. You can also have fun playing with them.

Why is the mod not in my wps after I download it? Help! I would like to be able to play minecraft along with other games.

Although it is nice that there are new mods added daily, I do not like the fact that there are so many worlds and lucky blocks. Overall, however, its fantastic!

This must be fixed immediately. It gives me an add every time I try to install an addon. Sometimes, if there's an ad, the add won't load and it will display a black screen.

This addon Bro is great. I didn't give it 5 stars.

This app is great for minecraft mods! It's better than the normal minecraft worlds. It's free! Amazing