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ABCmouse offers a full online learning program for kids 2—8. for PC Details

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My kids signed up for the service years back. I cancelled after they started to get involved enough to keep it. Last year, I was charged. This year, it was not. It is very annoying to be charged every year for cancelling and asking for a refund.

It's a good app but the app doesn't support my oneplus 10T. This app costs me money. Please help.

GLASSES tickets Some children need glasses. It's the same as charging children based on their skin color or gender. Children can't resist the temptation to wear glasses. If the avatar should be them, then why not give them glasses for free? They will have to redeem tickets earned, which is basically the same as getting glasses for a reward. Many children would rather have pets than their glasses. Give parents the option of buying their avatar glasses using real money... Otherwise, it's a great app.

This has been a favorite of mine and my daughter since they were little. It is the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. !

Your app was easy to use, and I believe that it will be a hit with many people.

It was installed and working perfectly. But now, it keeps shutting off. My son can't even get it to shut down! It needs to be fixed! !

I downloaded the app to aid my 5-year-old with sight words. After it finished downloading, it turned black. Then bits of light appeared on my computer. When it stopped doing this, it went back to where it had been. It then shut off.

It displays blue screen after installation. The page hangs up on the same page every time. I tried uninstalling it n install but it still showed blue screen.

Although I would love to, it is hard to accept. I require this code to continue the education of my children at home. However, I cannot enter the code anywhere. My password is not working. I have tried twice to request it, but the email has yet to be sent. It's a great learning experience and I hope to continue giving it stars. You can't also log in via clever from a smart or tablet phone.

This app has been installed on multiple occasions on my Android. However, there's no way to log in on the screen. Although my child is able to do this on both his tablet and mine, my phone won't let me. A useless app that can be used on a smartphone.

It's horrible. Every time I attempted to log in it said this password isn't clear. I asked for my password, but they didn't give it to me. That's why they reset it.

The app won't load fully. I tried it on both my IPad and my Android phone. The app has been uninstalled several times and I've reinstalled it multiple times. The website redirects to the app download page, so you can't access it directly.

This app has been used for several years and we love it. But, suddenly it shows yellow and doesn't open when I try to get it opened by my children.

I had difficulty logging in to the website. Then, the site paid for everything but it won't allow me to get my son on the phone app. The website won't let me cancel or give me a refund. I hope that they fix this.

The homepage does not have a LOGIN button. This app doesn't allow me to login. I can't login to this app. An advertisement page tells me how I can reactivate my account. The web site is still not accessible after I installed and visited it again.