360eyes for PC

360eyes for PC

360Eyes is a free app, dedicated to the development of the panoramic camera

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Camera will not be connected to the app if there is no network settings. App cannot set up camera for online viewing if it fails. It isn't rubbish. Cam says this program can be used with the ptz cam. It's a shame it doesn't work.

Although I was able to get the camera to record some footage, playback is very poor on both of my cameras. I returned the camera for a refund because it was not functioning as intended.

Mike, Moto e5 Plus, Android 8. I purchased one of these cameras, downloaded the app and plugged it in to verify that everything worked as planned. Update: The camera is now up and running after about one week. I have been able to observe a fox as well as a hedgehog visit my garden repeatedly, which was something I didn't know they were doing. All functions well with the app, including sharing and playback of still images or clips.

The app will not allow you to use any SD Card, no matter how large, restarted, or reformatted. It comes with scam software.

This App has some bugs. It was unable to adjust the auto-record setting and it tried to remove footage from cloud storage but it doesn't work. Developer, get it sorted.

What is a SD card? Playback is not possible. Keep getting the message that there's an SD card option. Where? If I don't find it soon, I will return. You just want to have a basic dog cam

Although the layout isn't terrible, it still needs work. The alerts button doesn't show events, even though it shows a red dot that indicates events have occurred... There are other issues. To be competitive with other sites, it needs to be improved.

Even though my camera is only eight months old, the night vision and both lenses are now broken. I've not been able get in touch with anyone to help me. This company has terrible customer service and I will not buy again. It would be better to get some assistance and have new cameras. This needs to be done. This company should provide a contact number so that I can reach someone. Do you know of a way to contact customer service? Emails are not answered by them. Help!

It does the job. The camera control works well. It stops connecting, and requires a restart once in a while. It would be great to be able download videos and not have to rererecord them from the camera. The buttons should be larger.

It works fine, overall. However, the latest update does not work as well. The older version was more useful because I could view the second alert and can also delete them. These two functions are gone, which is a loss for me.

It works well. There was some delay in receiving notifications. A memory card was installed and I can "roll back" time with no fee and without prolem.

You can expect your video to be frozen if you don't have the maximum amount of service. After that, the app will kick you out and ask you to sign back in. The app will keep doing this until you get "good" service.

So that I wouldn't need to access the cloud after my month was up, I purchased a SD Card. The SD card didn't work .... It didn't work. I finally gave up and bought a cloud. It didn't work ...... and the help options in the app were shocking. It's cost me money, but I cannot find the help that I require .....??. You have the option to "give feedback", and the subject says "what's the problem?" But it will not let you send feedback. Help! Please return my money for the cloud that I bought.

It works on my smartphone, but it doesn't work on my Android box. After logging in, the android box says "you aren't connected to Internet". How can I resolve this issue?

Excellent product. Excellent night vision and ultra sensitive. However, I've had problems with recording the recordings for which I received notifications.