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Antares Auto-Tune for PC

Antares Auto-Tune Details

AuthorAntares Audio Technologies
Size368 MB


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About For PC

You may encounter issues when recording songs. These problems can include the tonal and tempo problems of an instrument or voice. This could make it necessary to record the song several times before it becomes perfect.

Your songs as perfect as ever

Antares has a tool that can fix tone automatically and bring it to the closest. It also offers the option to set a target tone to allow for changes to be made during recording.

Antares Auto Tune is an indispensable recording tool due to its other features.

  • Modify and fix time. You can make even small adjustments in the time and the tempo to ensure that your songs sound perfect.
  • Evo Voice Processing Technology is an exclusive Antares technology that can process small details of voice.
  • MIDI allows for the reception of the target tone.
  • Display both the original and modified sound on the screen to see the differences.
  • Use multiple keyboard shortcuts for faster processes
  • Plus, much more

If you are interested in creating a recording station, don't forget to get the Antares AutoTune.